Spotted: Truvativ Jerome Clementz Signature Blackbox Prototype Carbon Fiber Enduro Handlebar

Prototype Truvativ Blackbox Jerome Clementz signature carbon fiber enduro handlebar

Truvativ is testing a new carbon fiber handlebar aimed at the enduro crowd. It’s a signature series bar designed with input from Cannondale’s Jerome Clementz, who won the 2011 Tranz Provence and the enduro races at Crankworx Whistler and Les 2 Alpes last year. That arguably makes him one of the top enduro riders in the world and more than qualified to put his two cents into the R&D effort.

In it’s current iteration, it’s 750mm wide with a 7º backsweep, 5º upsweep and a 20mm rise with extended sections for the brake clamps. Clementz said he wanted it this way so riders could cut it down and still have plenty of room to mount their brakes or other controls where they wanted them. The rise was chosen because it provided a good rise without severe and unsightly bends.

Clementz told us it’s about 80g lighter than the 740mm Boobar handlebar currently offered. As with any Blackbox product, specs and design are subject to change, or it may never make it to production, but we spotted it on more than one bike and racers we spoke to seemed to be pretty pleased.

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Prototype Truvativ Blackbox Jerome Clementz signature carbon fiber enduro handlebar

From this angle, it’s clear there’s plenty of room for the brake lever to move inboard. Kinda diggin’ the Blackbox graphics, too.


really - 03/03/13 - 11:03pm

Wow – amazing!! A blackbox handlebar! This is the sh1t! Isn’t it truly amazing how the technology of bicycles is leapfroggin’ every day! wowowow

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