Spotted: Prototype TLD Dirt Jump Half Lid Helmet


Spotted on TLD Marketing Guru Craig “Stikman” Glaspell instagram is this new variation of the recently introduced A1 trail helmet. Sans visor and retention system, its a perfect candidate for hitting the local pump track or dirt jumps.


KJR - 03/02/13 - 12:15am

Isn’t that just an A1 with no visor?

Dave - 03/02/13 - 1:54am


Hell Yeah!!!! - 03/02/13 - 8:15am

l think its ugly.

nick - 03/02/13 - 1:01pm

I like it, but keep the retention system! It’s the only thing I’d add to my pro-tec…

Steven - 03/03/13 - 12:47am

looks like another new “aero”road helmet!

Kris - 03/04/13 - 1:50pm

Not a prototype… Nice try.

Stikman - 03/04/13 - 6:44pm

Not a proto, simply an A1 helmet we did for Brandon Semenuk, removed visor and covered up the visor holes, took out the retention system and stuck in some spare padding. Everyone can play the home game!

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