NAHBS 2013: 38 Frameworks’ 25-Pound Carbon Fat Bike, Plus SRAM/Shimano Crankset Hacks!

38 Frameworks Hogback carbon fiber fat bike

Based near Denver, 38 Frameworks is a sister company to Funk Cycles that’s focused on fat bikes only.

Above, the Hogback is a full carbon fat bike that’s completely made in house (other than the alloy BB shell). Frame weight is 3.5 pounds with an asymmetric rear end that allows them to run any tire and still have a ton of clearance. Retail is $2,400 in stock sizes, but they’ll do a little bit of custom sizing if necessary. $2,600 for frame plus the Carver carbon O-Beast fork.

Both it and an alloy version featured top end cranksets from SRAM and Shimano inside their 100mm bottom bracket shells. Click through to see how…

38 Frameworks Hogback carbon fiber fat bike

38 Frameworks Hogback carbon fiber fat bike

Tons of clearance for even bigger tires.

38 Frameworks Hogback carbon fiber fat bike

38 Frameworks Hogback carbon fiber fat bike

25.09 pounds. For a fat bike.

38 Frameworks Hogback carbon fiber fat bike

They managed to get both XTR and X0 (below) cranksets on the bikes by chopping the spindle and welding an extension insert in place. This lets them offer high end custom builds.

38 Frameworks Jackalope alloy fat bike

Just started producing the alloy model in January. $1,200 to $1,400.

38 Frameworks Jackalope alloy fat bike


Andrew B. - 02/28/13 - 10:01am

For the weight weenie fat bike rider…love it!

Joshua Murdock - 02/28/13 - 12:14pm

People pushing the limits in a really cool and fun way. Love it! And finally, a fat bike every racer can appreciate!

Jerome - 02/28/13 - 1:58pm

And beautiful lines on top of that! :) I want one!!!

Frank - 02/28/13 - 2:00pm

A good looking bike for sure, but the weight is not that impressive. If my Beargrease had those wheels, h-bars and I didn’t need pedals to ride it, it would certainly weigh les than that.

Flying Bear - 02/28/13 - 3:10pm

I wonder how much it would weigh with those Hed H3s on?

They call me Bruce - 02/28/13 - 7:20pm

3.5lbs for a carbon fat frame is unimpressive. You can do better with Aluminium for 1/3 for the price. Good to see someone trying though!

Ray - 03/01/13 - 5:56pm

Just put a 38 Frameworks alloy build together. Smooth ride and smooth looks. The bike gets alot of attention. I borrowed alot of fatbikes this fall. So far I am very happy with the choice I made going with the 38 Frameworks.

Alex K - 03/01/13 - 6:59pm

It’s funny that they welded custom cranks, Sram just released their lineup of x9 and x5 fat cranks a few weeks ago. Shimano, still late to the party.

Bob Fairlane - 03/03/13 - 11:19pm

Whose idea was it to weld/press the axle into the driveside crank, anyway? What a stupid idea. I like having bottom bracket options.

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