NAHBS 2013: Retrotec’s Award Winning 29+ Mountain Bike, Plus Twin Disc Road & Monster Crosser

Retrotec 29-plus mountain bike with fat bike tires and retro cruiser frame

Retrotec’s award winning “Best Mountain Bike” is a 29+ fat bike built on their Triple platform.

To accommodate the fatter, his usual split top tube had to be interrupted with a wishbone as it carries thru to the stays. Below that they used a new Paragon Machine Works chainstay yoke designed for better clearance with fat bike tires while still allowing proper tire/chain clearance. The fork has a 15mm thru axle, something not often found on steel rigid forks.

More pics of this and two beautiful road bikes below…

Retrotec 29-plus mountain bike with fat bike tires and retro cruiser frame

Yes, that’s the new LH Thomson dropper post…one of only two or three in the world at the moment.

Retrotec 29-plus mountain bike with fat bike tires and retro cruiser frame

Retrotec Twin disc brake road bike with split top tube

The Twin Disc Road bike gets an internal Di2 build with Shimano’s new seatpost battery (one of few that have made it out into the wild).

Retrotec Twin disc brake road bike with split top tube

Retrotec Twin disc brake road bike with split top tube

Retrotec Half gravel road bike racer

The Half , so named because the split tube design is only half way forward (seatstays) with a single top tube, is done as a Monster Cross build that can hold up to a 45c tire. Like most everything else, you could have it built for whatever type of riding you do.

Retrotec Half gravel road monster cross bike racer


Bubbrubb - 02/27/13 - 9:01am

What a beaut! Love the lines on Retrotecs, but …. A dropper post on a rigid bike??? Really? A dropper?

Ryan - 02/27/13 - 9:30am

That’s a sexy beast!…but the tire clearance wouldn’t work around here, the red clay builds up and would stop that wheel from turning within 5 ft.

satisFACTORYrider - 02/27/13 - 10:01am

dig curtis’ builds

tae - 02/27/13 - 10:12am


The 29+ bike Retrotec is showing looks to be an homage to klunkers which were invented just a valley over from where Retrotec is based. If you see the old photos of Marin Valley riders you’ll see a lot of foot-down drifting through turns. If you were to ride this bike in a similar manner it would behoove you to lower the saddle… or have a dropper post.

Chuck Dick - 02/27/13 - 11:55am

I think the people that makes these bikes spend more time thinking about how to make a bike that’s neat to look at at specialty bike shows rather than make bikes that function well on the trail.

“Ooooh, look at how good I am at making mandrels!”

“But how does it handle singletrack switchbacks?”

“Um, what? But look at how pretty it is!”

Dave - 02/27/13 - 1:26pm

LOVE that 29+!! Well done!

@ Bubbrubb Guess what? Way back when ALL mountain bikes were rigid and we would drop the saddle for the tech stuff! Hite Rite anyone? Oh yah and you can still ride a full rigid if you’re up to it…and drop the seat…wow!

@Ryan The tire clearance looks great especially considering a 29 x 3.0 tire and 50mm wide rims!! You can run a slightly smaller tire and/or rim…err right?

@ Chuck Dick Yes Retrotec bikes are ridden off road. They’ve been around for a while…

Why all the naysayers?

btw love how RETROTEC has the newest of the new parts a la Thomson/ Shimano.

Great site all…why so many haters though?

mike dunn - 02/27/13 - 1:40pm

Actually Curtis rides the snot out of his works of art! The whole aim of this show is to show off your skills.

satisFACTORYrider - 02/27/13 - 2:21pm

a friend is still on his late 90s retrotec mtn with a rigid fork. so ain’t fancy firewood.

Androo - 02/27/13 - 2:34pm

When you said “twin-disc road bike” I got really excited and was hoping for something interesting like Canyon’s Project 78.

I was disappointed.

mike dunn - 02/27/13 - 4:17pm

Androo, try making something yourself……then hear all the people poo-poo it on bike rumor. Dave had it right, why all the haters?

lucas - 02/27/13 - 6:45pm

does anyone else notice what looks to be an 11 speed shimano group on the fatbike?

SeeBee - 02/28/13 - 1:03am

shazing! them rides is real nice

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