Just In: Uvex’s superlight Active Vario Shield photochromic sunglasses

Hot on the heels of Uvex’s lightweight Ultrasonic helmet and SGL-202 Race tint-shifting glasses come a lighter-still shield model: the Active Shield.  Despite a very light weight–22g actual–the Active Shield somehow manages to provide good coverage and customizable fit via an adjustable nosepiece.

Available with white, black, or orange frames and amber, gray, or the photochromic gray “Variomatic” lenses shown here.  Light?  Check.  Reasonably priced?  Check.  Ladyfriend approved?  Check.  Details, photos, and pricing wait on the other side.

Starting at $89 for the fixed-color options and climbing to $149 for the Vario model, the Uvexes fall somewhere between value-priced and premium eyewear.  The contrasting material in the arms is a softer, for a bit of co-molded grip.  As with the SGL-202s, the Active Shields’ Variomatic lens runs from a night ride friendly 78% light transmission to a very dark 9%.

With slightly less coverage than the SGL-202s, the Active Shield is best suited to small- and medium-sized heads.  Look for a proper review after a few months’ use!


www.uvex-sports.de (Worldwide)

maguradirect.com (USA)


mark - 08/17/14 - 11:44am

just bought a pair of uvex sunglasses i was a bit worried about buying a pair of them as i hadn’t used them before. i went for the uvex 104 glasses and i am really impressed with them, they are quite similar in shape to the Oakley jawbones and they come with a good range of lenses and are comfortable to wear.


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