NAHBS 2013: Black Sheep’s Full Suspension Titanium Fat Bike, 29+ Tandem & More!

Black Sheep Cycles titanium full suspension fat bike with truss fork

Black Sheep Cycles’ new Highlight ST (soft tail) gets their first suspension fork. It’s a linkage design that founder James Bleakley has been working on for a while.  Like their standard “rigid” forks, it’s a truss design, but adds a girder to hold the shock and take the big hits. The inherent flex built into the structure handles the small stuff and damps vibrations.

It’ll be around $2,600 for the fork and shock. It can be built for any size wheel and tire and with as much travel as the customer wants.

The frame uses their flat titanium plate in place of a lower pivot. Up top, it gets a new link with DU bushing. Complete bike is 32 pounds, not bad for a full suspension fat bike. More pics of this and their other bikes past the break…

Black Sheep Cycles titanium full suspension fat bike with truss fork

The front shock’s compression adjustment switch is accessible through the front of the fork, but this would be a great application for a remote switch.

Black Sheep Cycles titanium full suspension fat bike with truss fork

There were no shortage of SRAM’s XX1 group, but theirs were running a Wolf Tooth Components front chainring that has alternating thickness teeth:

Black Sheep Cycles titanium full suspension fat bike with truss fork

Black Sheep Cycles art museum commissioned touring fat bike

This touring fat bike was commissioned by University of Iowa’s Modern Arts Museum to be displayed with some Jackson Pollock material.

It has an integrated growler mount on the extended rack and uses their trademark extending stays with frame break on the seat stays, too, so the bike can be packed down into a case. Well, in this case, thanks to the fat tires, it takes two cases! As shown, this bike would be just under $10,000. The standard Luna Vista frameset with fat tire clearance is $5,500. Head badge is by Jenn Greene (below, right) in Philadelphia and uses copper, brass and sterling silver.

Black Sheep Cycles head badges

Black Sheep Cycles titanium 29-plus tandem mountain bike

If bigger is better, this might be the best: A 29+ tandem fat bike.

Black Sheep Cycles titanium 29-plus tandem mountain bike

Imagine having to run these cables all the way through this frame!

Dual height adjustments with nested seatposts and handlebars built into the lower post.


Quinn - 02/25/13 - 6:18pm

I like the style of the frame(s), and I supposed the fork(s) are the same style, But I can’t help but think to myself- those forks are Ugly!

Mark M - 02/25/13 - 8:22pm

So beautiful! My favorite bikes reported on from NAHBS 2013 so far!

ftajiri - 02/26/13 - 7:30am

Art works.. Speechless

satisFACTORYrider - 02/26/13 - 8:14am

I don’t get the handmade bike show’s actual purpose as a business opportunity for a builder anymore but there’s some interesting stuff that is creative. That’s for sure.

g - 02/26/13 - 8:29am

So, is that fat bike going to be ridden, or just sit in the museum? If it was commissioned just to sit, that’s kinda dumb.

Steve M - 02/26/13 - 10:01am

Maybe a bit too much in love with the tube bender? Otherwise props on the sheer amount of detail.

MGK - 02/26/13 - 10:30am

The fat bike looks similar to a Jones spaceframe….doesn’t it. Or vice versa. Cheers

Dave - 02/26/13 - 4:39pm

Those are some of the coolest head badges I’ve ever seen

Ihatelogos - 02/26/13 - 9:18pm

Can’t wait for that chainring for the Middleburn to go into production.

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