Fi’zi:k Crafts Eye-Catching Custom Red Saddles, Auctioning Now for World Bicycle Relief

Fizik Red Themed Saddles for Auction

With the start of NAHBS, Fi’zi:k unveiled 15 custom saddles at their booth, 11 of which hit the auction house. All saddles are one-of-a-kind and proceeds will go to World Bicycle Relief. These aren’t your run of the mill saddles, with each sporting some serious hand-crafted design, ranging from textured scaling, to animal prints, to flashy glitter.

The bids are rolling at this point, so click here to join the auctions and check out the details. We snapped a couple closeups of the saddles after the break…

Fizik Red Themed Saddle Fizik Red Themed Saddle 3

Fizik Red Themed Saddle 2 Fizik Red Themed Saddle 1


Steve - 02/25/13 - 1:18pm

Top middle looked like a bacon saddle at first.

hollywood - 02/25/13 - 2:25pm

Mmmmm, bacon.

Mindless - 02/25/13 - 3:45pm

Nice, it will match the color of my ass.

Andrew B. - 02/25/13 - 3:56pm


+1 to steve

mike - 02/25/13 - 4:16pm

You have a bacon ass? Gross.

WannaBeSTi - 02/27/13 - 10:36am

I’d put in a bid if the bacon saddle smelled of freshly cooked bacon. People behind me would either puke or be so hungry they couldn’t attack…easy win for me.

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