Spotted: Aaron Gwin’s New Specialized Demo Race Rig

Just a few hours ago, Craig “StickMan” Glaspell (TLDs Marketing Guru) posted this shot of an anonymous rider blasting down the Fontana track to his instagram. The guy was decked out in full  TLD kit, Red Bull emblazoned D3 helmet, and rocking a  Specialized Carbon Demo, with Fox Suspension, DT Wheels, and SRAM drivetrain.

Weird thing is, he looked awfully like Aaron Gwin. Whoever that racer boy was, the new bike and kit look stunning….



LP - 02/24/13 - 9:04am

The session looked better 😉

If Gwin oes notwin this year……he will remain in the spot light!

Mark M - 02/24/13 - 10:26am

That will certainly not be the final paint scheme for his race bike. Specialized will want something much flashier.

KJR - 02/24/13 - 2:57pm

I do have to say, everything looked so dialed when he was on TWR. From the kit to the bike. I know the gear is all amazing stuff, but just aesthetically, this looks like a retrograde step backwards.

He looked pro on Yeti, Uberpro on TWR and now he just looks like a privateer racer with enough money to afford all the cool brand name stuff…

bin judgin - 02/24/13 - 8:22pm

KJR: That’s called being able to pick & choose your sponsorships and not having to go with the package deal.

satisFACTORYrider - 02/24/13 - 8:47pm

Wish I was rapid enough not to care about who I was wearing on the red carpet.

Nice - 02/24/13 - 10:11pm

dude, are you really saying moving to the Specialized factory team is a step backwards? LOL hilarious

Danny - 02/24/13 - 11:12pm

Is anyone else doing the SRAM/Fox combo? I always assumed SRAM/Rockshox was a package deal. Also weird he’d switch over to SRAM after all the input he had in developing the new Saint gear. Maybe that brake failure pissed him off more than he let on.

been there - 02/24/13 - 11:26pm

I hope they won’t ruin the bike again like they did with that Jamaicasized one for Hill… Also, I wish they keep the stars / stripes Troy Lee extravaganza in check…

bin judgin - 02/26/13 - 6:31pm

I would want to be off those Shimano DH brakes since they also failed on Cedric Gracia almost killing him.

Not that Avid is much of a step up….seems all disc brakes are miserable.

FACTS - 02/28/13 - 2:30pm

Gracia used Hope brakes when he had his crash. He is now on Shimano.

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