Exclusive First Look: Answer Gets Classy with Gentleman’s Collection Bars

Bikerumor Exclusive First Look: Answer Gets Classy with Gentleman's Collection Bars

The group at Answer Products/Hayes Bicycle are certainly a gentlemanly bunch. They stay classy by offering show goers the chance to musk up for service with Old Spice and Brut aftershave, and have gentlemanly games of sport that sometimes escalate to, well, to this. We can’t all have the salt and pepper beard of a gentleman like Hayes marketing man Scott Struve, so for the rest of us Answer is offering their new Gentleman Collection of ProTaper handlebars.

After surviving a night of gentlemanly challenges with the Hayes crew, we were lucky enough to catch an exclusive first look at the new bars.

More after the break.

Bikerumor Exclusive First Look: Answer Gets Classy with Gentleman's Collection Bars

Like the other unique handlebar designs Answer has shown, the Gentleman’s Collection utilizes a really cool proprietary Military grade hard anodization process that results in graphics that are as durable as the anodized finish. This ensures that your flannel or hounds tooth finish will continue to look great even after taking some undignified diggers.

Bikerumor Exclusive First Look: Answer Gets Classy with Gentleman's Collection Bars
Due to the taper of the bars, the ano process leaves some lines where the design is shrunk, though it doesn’t detract from the look.

Details aren’t finalized for the bars, but these will likely be limited to the 720 and 780mm wide ProTaper bars with various rises. As far as individual patterns, there will be multiple colors of Plaid Flannel, Herringbone, Hounds Tooth, and Paisley Day Dream – which funny enough was apparently the name of the band Scott played in back in high school. No official availability, but we were told – soon.

Bikerumor Exclusive First Look: Answer Gets Classy with Gentleman's Collection Bars

Supposedly there may be some gloves and other soft goods in the works with matching patterns, you know, if having plaid bars wasn’t enough as it is.


Joshua Saxe - 02/24/13 - 5:34pm

Ludicrous Speed….

bin judgin - 02/24/13 - 8:13pm

i will buy the (deleted) out of this. houndstooth is going on the dh rig NOW


Bayard - 02/24/13 - 8:24pm

Hounds teeth for sure

dale - 02/24/13 - 9:12pm

I like the ones that look like chef’s pants.

Bob Loblaw - 02/24/13 - 9:43pm

Answer’s still in business? How haven’t I noticed, what with the innovating and all?

Jake - 02/24/13 - 9:43pm

I’m gonna wear my Paisley tie as a I rip on my Paisley bars.

Rob - 02/25/13 - 3:31am

i will put these on my singlespeed to show everyone how unique i am… but seriously i WILL buy these, because i just cant resist how f’ing cool plaid handlebars are. Also, someone somewhere should make a bike that has all the one-off finishes over the years—like a Maverick with paisley flowers, a cow-hide fizik saddle, these handlebars, maybe a pink chris-king hubset… steal a stars and stripes Thomson post from the USA national road team… grey or red Specialized Umma-Gumma tires from the nineties, tie-dyed spokes… who’s with me here?

g - 02/25/13 - 8:15am

real classy, sure

ziv - 02/26/13 - 5:46am

some of the colors are like a irakien pijama

JonDanger FTW - 02/26/13 - 1:33pm

The trustafarian downhill kids are gonna go apeshit over these.

Marc - 02/26/13 - 10:08pm


One of those Maverick “flower bikes” is at Bikeworks here in Albuquerque… Too bad it’s a medium. It’s a beautiful thing!


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