NAHBS 2013: Fi’zi:k Debuts Bar Prototypes, Cyrano R1 & R3

Fizik Cyrano R3 Bars Front

Earlier this year, Fizik announced that they’d be manufacturing bars and stems. At NAHBS they brought in some samples to show off.  As of right now they’re just prototypes, but the ones we got our hands on are the only ones you’ll see floating around. The Cyrano R3 shown above is Fizik’s alloy bar. This one’s a compact bar with a shallow bend. The Cyrano R3 will be available in both compact and race in widths 40-46cm measured center to center.

Weights are undetermined at the moment, and Fizik is quoting that when taken to production, the carbon Cyrano R1 Race bar (shown after the break) will be the lightest production bar on the market.

More on both bars after the break…

Fizik Cyrano R3 Bars Short Shallow Bend

The compact R3 is attached to the new Fizik stem that’ll be available in both 7 degree 20 degree versions in 60mm-140mm. The bars flare out in the drops to let you sprint easier.


FIzik Cyrano R1 carbon bars front

The Cyrano R1 carbon bar will be on Team Ag2r-La Mondiale’s builds during the Tour de France and will debut for the public in fall. When released, they’ll have a similar marketing campaign as Fizik’s saddles (think Snake, Chameleon, and Bull).


Fizik Cyrano R1 Traditional Bend Carbon

They brought the R1 carbon bars in the traditional race version. Same as the R3, they’ll be available in both compact and race in widths 140mm-146mm measured center to center.


Jon - 02/23/13 - 5:49pm

You mean 400-460mm..

carl - 02/23/13 - 5:50pm

….”in widths 140mm-146mm measured center to center.” For hipsters on fixies?

mudrock - 02/23/13 - 5:55pm

Judging by the bulge of the housing, it seems the bars don’t have a groove (in alloy) or a hole for internal routing (carbon).

Brandon - 02/23/13 - 6:48pm

Yowza, those are some ultra-narrow bars!

greg - 02/23/13 - 6:48pm

bars angled high, hoods mounted low

Psi Squared - 02/23/13 - 9:36pm

Obviously the angle on the bars and the position of the hoods says everything about the bars……wait…….scratch that. The position of the hoods on handlebars at a show is certainly important to net weenies.

Psi Squared - 02/23/13 - 9:39pm

Why can’t we edit posts?

I don’t think a lack of cable grooves or internal routing is a deal killer at all. Just tape the cables to the front of the bars as was done in the past, and you’ll be good to go

Brandon - 02/23/13 - 9:51pm

Gotta agree with Psi Squared, the lack of grooves doesn’t bother me at all. But, to each his own I guess.

jamesy - 02/23/13 - 10:49pm

I like not having grooves.

Colin - 02/24/13 - 12:03am

Thanks all,
Widths are fixed…

dislivello - 02/24/13 - 2:50am

nothing new..

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