Found: Ultra-Minimalist Titanium VP Blade Flat Pedal


VP’s new blade is easily the leanest pedal we’ve seen. The platform is lost-wax cast titanium with a forged/CNC machined ti axle. It rolls on LSL (lightweight self lubricating) bushing and sealed ball bearings.

Claimed weight is 260g per pair and suggested retail when they officially launch later this year is likely going to be “very expensive”. Admittedly, it’s aimed at the upscale commuter or casual fat bike rider. Yes, we very much want a set.

For the rest of us, they’ll also have a full chromoly version that’ll actually be affordable. Look for both at Eurobike.



MissedThePoint - 02/23/13 - 8:03pm

Admittedly, it’s aimed at the upscale commuter or casual fat bike rider.

Repeated for emphasis, as to not get a bunch of whiny and speculative posts. Yes, I’m waiting for new of a nice MTB pedal from VP too. This at least shows how “avante garde” they can be with designs, but with MTB, it’s hard to get away from basic proven designs.

Jason - 02/23/13 - 8:21pm

I’ll take two.

flaberbusteropolis - 02/23/13 - 10:05pm

^^one for each side!

Mindless - 02/23/13 - 10:32pm

Good try, but doubt they are comfortable – maybe with a stiffer shoe…

Mountain Cycle Shawn - 02/24/13 - 12:05am

I’d be afraid of getting the toe of my shoes wedged in them.

CR - 02/24/13 - 1:01am

I don’t get it. Superstar sells a pedal that is that weight, thinner, and has an actual platform. Better in literally every way.

mzungu - 02/24/13 - 1:17am

Rrrrr…..don’t know if they’ll last….there is a lot of rocks and concretes out there that like to bang against it.

Sam Placette - 02/25/13 - 1:38am

Yeah, these looked and felt too light to be true. I don’t think I’d feel very confident in relying on these at the end of a long ride, even if they didn’t flex too badly.

Seraph - 02/26/13 - 3:14pm

Syncros had a titanium pedal not too long ago that was pretty light. I believe that the MSRP on it was about $500.

ugobiker - 03/08/13 - 12:27pm

very nice! but they will cost a lot of money, you can’t change the pins, the surface is very very small…
for 260g and 190$ you can buy a pair of ECHO TR Flat with titanium axle, made by aluminium CNC, more strong and durable!

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