Salsa Puts the BearGrease on a Carbon Fiber Diet at Frostbike? UPDATED

salsa bear grease carbon fiber fat bike

Thanks to Facebook and the internets, we now know that Salsa has apparently been working on a carbon version of the BearGrease racing fatbike. We’re assuming it is going to be shown off here at FrostBike which starts tomorrow. From the looks of things it has a tapered head tube and a press fit BB with a traditional seat post. We’ll track down more details in the next two days.

Updated: More details after the break!

So unfortunately, while the carbon BearGrease was at FrostBike, we were not able to see it. We’re told the official release will be just before Saddle Drive – QBP’s show out west in July. We were able to gain a little more knowledge of the bike though, especially on the XX1 group that will be speced on the bike. Yes, XX1.

In fact, apparently QBP has worked a deal with SRAM that allows them to be the exclusive distributor of the aftermarket XX1 100mm fatbike crank for the first year of availability, as well as Salsa being the exclusive OEM for the crank for the first year as well. As far as we know, all the other parts remain the same so you could probably build yourself a bike with different crank. The hub though will be interesting, as we heard rumblings of an even wider fatbike hub than the 170mm hubs on the market right now. We have no firm details, just a few rumors.

The XX1 equipped carbon BearGrease is claimed to clock in around 24lbs which should be no problem considering we saw an aluminum BearGrease at QBP that was right at 27 lbs and supposedly had “heavy” wheels. There will be two versions offered with the XX1 model retailing for $5500, and an X9 version for a more reasonable $3499. After riding fatbikes that are 35+ lbs, I can’t imagine what riding something that light would be like, except awesome. More around July.



lucas - 02/22/13 - 7:40pm

it has xx1 and ive seen pics already from qbp

g - 02/22/13 - 7:46pm

…and studded tires?

Bob - 02/22/13 - 8:04pm


Ratas - 02/22/13 - 9:46pm

Cool… Wonder how this compares to the 38 Frameworks carbon fatty – spotted one at NAHBS today.

Derek - 02/22/13 - 10:00pm

Is that an XX1 crankarm I see?

jason - 02/22/13 - 11:43pm

If I’m going to buy a carbon fatbike its got to have Di2

fuzzy - 02/22/13 - 11:45pm

The Studded tires are 45N standard issue. And yes, SRAM came through and made an XX1 100 mm crank. This, specced with XX1 and sized M comes in a 24lbs.

spytech - 02/23/13 - 10:27am

$2600 for frame fork and thru axle hubs. a bit on the expensive side.

Big Cow - 02/23/13 - 11:41pm

Spytech – show me another Fat bike carbon frame/fork/hubs for $2600, or even show me a 29er at that price.

Quinn - 02/26/13 - 11:24pm

This is week old news, xx1 and x9 levels, so much for “rumor”

pantsandjacket - 02/28/13 - 10:08am

Quinn: It was posted on the 22nd. Date comprehension fail.

Sunner - 03/01/13 - 11:17am

Please, a rigid fork like Whisky n°9, with QR 15 😉

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