NAHBS 2013: One Off Moots Trail (Building) 29er Fat Mountain Bike

custom moots 29er fat bike trail builder mountain bike with chainsaw

This is the Moots IMBA RCR (Routt County Riders) trail work bike.

It’s designed in collaboration with the local trail builders and something they hope to send around the country for IMBA and other trail care clubs to use.

First time they’ve done inside-the-triangle post mount disc brake tabs, and it’s running 203mm rotors front and rear to rein in the 45lbs of bike. Hubs are 170mm fat bike hubs with a 100mm crank spindle.

It’s like a pack mule, except sexy and titanium. Click on thru for the details…

custom moots 29er fat bike trail builder mountain bike with chainsaw

Front rack has an integrated screw-together handle and trail tool with Rogue/Pulaski type tool head. They’re held on with stem face plates and a pinch bolt.

custom moots 29er fat bike trail builder mountain bike with chainsaw

custom moots 29er fat bike trail builder mountain bike with chainsaw

King cage built the custom extended bottle cage to hold a chainsaw fuel canister.

custom moots 29er fat bike trail builder mountain bike with chainsaw

They also made a custom bell that doubles as a shot glass! It’s mounted to a massive 33″ wide handlebar.

Limited edition T-shirts are available for sale ($25) that benefit IMBA and RCR to fuel more trail building. These should be up at soon.


Want a bike like this? Save up about $15,000 to $18,000 and start begging. There are no plans to produce more.


Topmounter - 02/22/13 - 12:36pm

That looks like something from a Ho Chi Minh Trail documentary :-)

fraser - 02/22/13 - 12:40pm

Every man’s wet dream. 😀

Andrew F - 02/22/13 - 1:08pm

That thing is so cool though you can’t fit 33-inch wide handlebars through New England woods. But I’d still take it if offered.

Dude - 02/22/13 - 1:21pm

@Andrew F it comes with a chainsaw, I think you could make it through any woods.

Mindless - 02/22/13 - 1:41pm

I do not care about chainsaw, but this would be a nice bikepacking ride. Maybe with a 29r wheel in front.

I could be lighter than a regular bike and all the racks an panniers.

ant1 - 02/22/13 - 1:57pm

that would make a great zombie apocalypse bike.

barfly - 02/22/13 - 2:35pm

Two words: badass badass

L - 02/22/13 - 3:14pm

Shouldn’t the chainsaw be mounted on the front?

RUSTYDOGG - 02/22/13 - 3:16pm

Yeah what they said. Simply awesome.

leonardo - 02/22/13 - 11:26pm


the front and rear wheels are 29r, they are running Surly Knard 29r fat tyres.

gopherlaugh - 02/23/13 - 12:38am

That is a true EVIL DEAD bike for sure. Needs the mount for the Double barreled Remington Boom stick! Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about hundred and nine, ninety five…walnut stock, cobalt blue steel and a hair trigger…Shop Smart

Jay Siebert - 02/23/13 - 6:09am

Backpack with my mini saw, folding shovel, hammer, spikes, riding the same Anthem I rip every weekend all that is needed. Who wants to ride a 45lb fully rigid back massage

tom - 02/23/13 - 8:02am

how dose it carry fuel? and bar oil? and PPE? the sucker who dosnt get to ride it i guess.

Guy - 02/23/13 - 1:11pm

Tom- it carries fuel in the green fuel bottle. It’s marked “FUEL” and with that many racks bringing along bar oil presents no problem.

Ajax - 02/23/13 - 9:03pm

Dumb. What lumberjack is gonna ride a $5,000 titanium bike with his chainsaw on the rack?

Chris - 02/24/13 - 9:18am

@Ajax I may not be a lumberjack but I am a professional arborist. I don’t have $5,000 but I would pay a good amount of money for this. I live on the beach 3 miles from my shop and this would be awesome for my commute to work. And don’t forget that most lumberjacks drive $60,000 trucks so don’t rule out a $5,000 bike for them.

Harry - 02/24/13 - 8:23pm

My friend’s Farmboss got quite the workout here on Long Island after Sandy. We were happy to pack the wedges, fuel, handsaws and whatnot, on our backs, just to get the trails back. Though in fairness here in the ‘burbs we were never a couple a hundred yards from a road. That beast would be AWESOME for more remote maintenance!

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