Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Singletrack Forest

bikerumor pic of the day singletrack forest santa cruz

Photo submitted by Wes Tienzo, “Just passin’ through the Pogonip Forest and down to the beach in Santa Cruz.”

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Matt - 02/22/13 - 10:10am

Finally a picture of somebody actually riding their bike! Great shot.

Ryan - 02/22/13 - 10:28am

Love it, wish I was there.

kyle - 02/22/13 - 12:28pm

and that’s exactly why i moved to santa cruz, right there.

it was always fun to squeeze in some singletrack between classes at UCSC.

patrik - 02/23/13 - 1:28pm

I approve of that photo. (Although that one tree in the back left looks Photoshopped. Pretty sure that tree doesn’t belong there. I ride that trail and that one tree looks out of place. I could be wrong though.)

ab - 02/26/13 - 9:39am

this photo is from a friend and it’s unadulterated. he got so many photo and lots of them are pretty though not like the pro yet. He’s using a small camera.

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