Louis Garneau Course 2LS Road Bike Shoes Trot Out Details, Product

Louis Garneau Course 2LS road bike shoe

When Louis Garneau announced their new premium lineup last year, the bulk of the details were on the slick looking aero helmet. Mentioned but lacking any specs or real info were the new top of the line Course 2LS road shoes.

Now, they’re done and shipping, and details are out.

The shoes use a durable but lightweight seamless microfiber upper with steel mesh vents. It’s held in place by dual BOA two-way dial closures to spread the tension across a broader section of the foot, all on top of a well padded and vented tongue. On the bottom, it has a patent pending ExO-Jet carbon sole with flow-through venting and uses a unique construction method. In the back, an injected nylon heel cup mold keeps your foot securely in place. And that’s just skimming the surface…

Louis Garneau Course 2LS road bike shoe

We’ve found the more recent BOA dials to be fairly reliable (better than even just a few years ago), and they offer much finer tuning of “security and tension to the cuneiform and metatarsal bones” then ratchets, buckles and straps. Dual dials let you better adjust different segments to fit your foot.

Louis Garneau Course 2LS road bike shoe

The ExO-Jet outsoles have vents and channels that direct air through the shoe. As it enters the front and exits behind the cleat, it passes over the…

Louis Garneau Course 2LS road bike shoe

…Ice Fil Ergo Air Cool Stuff insoles. They’re infused with Xylitol, which reacts with sweat to create a chilling effect, which is enhanced thanks to the air flow. Colin tested their Team shoes with the same insoles and liked them. They also come red “winter” insoles that block the air flow to maintain warmth.

Louis Garneau Course 2LS road bike shoe

The HRS-300 injection heel cups combine with directional Spandex fabric on the inside to prevent heel lift.

Claimed weight is 240g for a size 42 (single shoe), which puts them among the lightest available without taking the title. Retail is $359.99 USD.


LP - 02/19/13 - 5:46pm

At 349$, I’ll think about it!

sambo - 02/19/13 - 11:28pm

clearly they and specialized use the same designer and factory.

Gauthier - 02/20/13 - 6:48am

Again…already been seen & done façon Garneau. Where are the real innovations ? Too bad.

JasonDoubleU - 02/20/13 - 11:41am

sambo – my thoughts exactly. I saw the shape of the heel pad and needed to look at these shoes further. The shape of the out sole looks exactly like the OLD Specialized Pro Rd shoes. Remarkably similar, too bad they are more expensive than the S-Works shoes and don’t have the BG features that save my knees!

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