Name the Next Schwalbe Mountain Bike Tire, Immortalize Your Name

schwalbe name the tire contest

PRESS RELEASE: Racing Ralph, Nobby Nic, Rocket Ron. Schwalbe’s MTB tires are famous for their unique names.

For the first time ever Schwalbe is now also giving the general public an opportunity to help find a name for a new Enduro tire. Under the motto “Name for Fame” we are using Facebook to search for a name we can call the tire that has been developed in close cooperation with top athletes. The super-fast Enduro tire is a perfect match for the challenges of international Enduro circuits and is also equipped with Super Gravity technology. Suggestions can be submitted until February 25, 2013. After the closing date a jury comprising international riders and industry experts will select the finalists. The winner will then be chosen via a direct and final vote on Facebook by March 10, 2013.

The winner can look forward to “Fame and Glory” as well attractive prizes, including an original AMS 150 Cube Action Team bike. All finalists will receive tires labeled with their own suggestion. The “Name for Fame” competition is open online now at


satisFACTORYrider - 02/18/13 - 9:51am

i thought the Hans Dampf took care of everything already. it’s moto good.

Jeb - 02/18/13 - 10:34pm

the “überteuert”

don fortich - 02/19/13 - 12:24am

dirt donkey! LoL

Mindless - 02/19/13 - 2:45am

Dirty Dan
Muddy Mary
Big Betty
Hans Dampf – odd ball
Fat Albert
Nobby Nic
Racing Ralph
Rapid Ron

Hmm… Looks like Hans broke the scheme.

Maybe – Hab Geduld?

gringo - 02/19/13 - 3:06am

Greasy Gringo.

Psi Squared - 02/19/13 - 10:09am

The Dirty Sanchez

Charlie Best - 02/19/13 - 10:19am

“Psi Squared – 02/19/13 – 10:09am …The Dirty Sanchez”

I loled, def. the winner

Slow Joe Crow - 02/19/13 - 12:23pm

I nominate “Richard Cranium” for the lulz.

ayygs - 02/20/13 - 4:11pm

why always on the face book? what about those of us that do not use social media ?!?

Ryan - 04/04/13 - 12:18pm

Woohoo! I won a set of Nobby Nics!

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