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bikerumor monday mystery pic from first flight bicycles

Photo from the collection of Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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p kotanen - 02/18/13 - 7:18am

Wasatch Cycle Works crosstop brakes?

The Goats - 02/18/13 - 7:56am

Wassach Cycle Works. Had a set on back of my Ibis Mojo. Still an all-time fave brake!


Cyclinfo - 02/18/13 - 7:58am

Don’t know the manufacturer, but WCW was the private brand for components of Rose Versand, a German mail order company during the 90s.

Your Face - 02/18/13 - 8:38am

That is as old school campy seatpost. The WCW is an acronym in Italian for “This is a Campy seapost”. I speak the truth.

ant1 - 02/18/13 - 9:27am

campy cable operated bench vise.

jud - 02/18/13 - 9:46am

wasatch cycle work brakes also made sweet hubs.

Matt - 02/18/13 - 11:21am

Wasatch Cycle Works “The Clamp”. According to this:

Richard - 02/18/13 - 12:43pm

Wasach Cycle Works Scissor brake?

T2 - 02/18/13 - 12:56pm

Wasatch Cycle Works brake designed by Dave Sanders out of Provo, UT.

Tim - 02/18/13 - 2:31pm

Wasatch Cycle Works the Clamp- excellent brake, esp. when paired with Shimano SLR Plus brake levers- massive rim clearance plus excellent power. They work better with a thin V-Brake style pad on the link side, and a thick canti-style pad on the non-link side.

MaxV - 02/18/13 - 4:59pm

Campy wine foil cutter

PDXFixed - 02/18/13 - 7:09pm

You guys are all wrong, it’s obviously a Wasatch Cycle Works brake.

Joe P - 02/19/13 - 12:10am

As others have said Wasatch Cycle Works and was based in Provo Utah, and I had a set of his extremely light hubs as well. Dave Sanderson I think was his name- good guy, I remember his racing in one of the first Leadville’s and thinking he was friggin nuts.

Julien M. - 02/19/13 - 5:14am

I read “Lucy Liu”

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