Sidi Introduces Cycling Inspired Frame Casual Shoe

Sidi Announces Cylcling Inspired Frame Casual ShoeWant to look like you’re wearing Sidi cycling shoes even when you’re not? Show off your taste in high quality, high dollar Italian cycling design with Sidi’s all new Frame casual, or free time shoe. The Frames feature a high breathability synthetic upper with 3D coated mesh that keeps things light and comfortable. Available in three colors – white/silver, Black/flourescent yellow, and black/silver. Thanks to the three strap Velcro closure system, onlookers will either think cycling shoe inspired, or “Oh, he got the Velcros.” In all honesty, they do look like they could be pretty comfortable.


Kyle - 02/15/13 - 1:42pm

Macklemore reference… Nice

Topmounter - 02/15/13 - 1:54pm

I’m sure these will be a big hit at the coffee shop.

EricNM - 02/15/13 - 2:05pm

Wow, my uncle Mortie will look great wearing these playing shuffleboard in Tampa!

(BTW: I hear that ALL the cool octagenarians are wearing Sidi’s these days…)

Bayard - 02/15/13 - 3:08pm

Sport did I default on that account?

dave - 02/15/13 - 3:40pm

surely this is a fake news release?

MarkV - 02/15/13 - 4:18pm


ben - 02/15/13 - 4:32pm

I feel like someone at Sidi was sitting around looking at the DZR website and was just like, “I’ve got it! We’ll do the exact opposite!”

micmac - 02/15/13 - 5:51pm

i would buiy these in a heartbeat – without the velcro!!!!

SmooveP - 02/15/13 - 5:55pm

Yeah, these will look great with my non-cycling lycra shorts.

Joe - 02/15/13 - 6:08pm

I work at a Sidi dealer, and I would wear THE FUCK out of these.

Joe - 02/15/13 - 6:08pm

I just wanna roll up in the bar, and change out of my Sidi Dragon 3s into my Sidi casual shoes, and watch all the honeys roll up on me.

Kyle - 02/15/13 - 6:29pm

@Joe, come take a look through my telescope
Trying to get girls from a brand? Man you hella won’t

greg - 02/15/13 - 8:54pm

specialized has been doing this for a while, and theyre pretty popular (and comfortable). with boas.

carl - 02/15/13 - 9:01pm

Damn, I JUST picked up some new Velcro strap sneakers at Walmart…. BUT, how much will these be?

Joe - 02/15/13 - 9:01pm

Ladies be like,”boy, I like your kicks.” And I’m all,”Girl, these handmade in Romania, and the upper responds to the heat generated by my feet and give a semi-custom fit.” And then I’m in.

dale - 02/15/13 - 9:07pm

I love my ergo 3s but stick to bike shoes please!

Ryan Lewis - 02/15/13 - 10:07pm

I call that getting tricked by a business

Phil - 02/15/13 - 10:37pm

I want 6 pairs, it’ll be like my own 12 steps program! i’m with Joe, my brand new yellow pair will have the honeys all over me, being in touch with some real european kickers… Seriously though, I’d rock them!

silverlining - 02/15/13 - 11:52pm

Guess Roos still holds the patent on the zippered pocket?

Collin - 02/16/13 - 11:07am

Mavic also is doing this with there bright yellow shoes. Them and Specialized call them “Podium Shoes” I’d rock the black/white sidi’s

bonky - 02/16/13 - 11:26am

Must become a hit amongst the guido crowd.

Jorge - 02/16/13 - 12:19pm

I want the whites and the blacks please!!!!!!!

Ummmm - 02/16/13 - 12:26pm

I hope they last longer then the tread on my spiders. whats up Sidi can’t make something that lasts! Just venting

Nick - 02/16/13 - 3:57pm

@ Ummmm,

Spiders have softer, and REPLACEABLE tread blocks, they are supposed be softer (for traction) and wear out well before the shoes.

Chris - 02/16/13 - 9:57pm

I’ve had the same set of Dominator 5’s since about 2004. In the meantime, I’ve had a few other pairs of shoes from well-known manufacturers that have detonated on me, but those nasty old Dominator 5’s refuse to fall apart!

Gringo - 02/18/13 - 1:53am

*man purse not included.

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