Limited Edition 2013 CX Worlds Posters from Tony DeBoom Almost Gone

Still looking for a way to commemorate the history that went down at Eva Bandman Park as the World’s best cyclocrossers and cyclocross fans descended upon Louisville? If so, Endurance Conspiracy still has a few of the 2013 Championnats Du Monde posters shown above for sale. Only 200 were printed and signed by EC Artist, Tony DeBoom with each poster hand screened in Boulder Colorado on 18×24″ poster paper. Proceeds from the poster sales are being donated to the Kentucky Waterways Alliance, which helps to keep Kentucky’s waterways free from plloution, fighting the good fight since 1993. Buy a cool poster for $35, support a good cause, do it.


Poser Patrol - 02/11/13 - 12:15pm

Hmmm….good grief.

KJR - 02/12/13 - 5:07am

I can think of better things to do with $35, than buy a poorly drawn poster…

Martin - 02/12/13 - 8:26am

shipping for canada is 45$ US… :-S

Mitchell - 02/12/13 - 9:33am

Here are the official event posters. Sold out pretty quick day of, but I believe they will be selling again from

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