Bikerumor Monday Mystery Pic

bikeumor monday mystery pic from first flight bicycles

Photo from the collection of Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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nik heathman - 02/11/13 - 7:25am

stem from am original stumpy?

atganirider - 02/11/13 - 7:26am

Nitto mtb stem c.1985

Jack - 02/11/13 - 7:43am

MTB stem and workshop slingshot. (deadly) Sorry this is bike rumour … let me be the first… a campagnolo seatpost. (quiet applause the crowd loves a familiar funny)

Zach - 02/11/13 - 7:47am

Bull Moose double clamp quill stem.

gringo - 02/11/13 - 7:49am

Nitto MTB could be it.

I had one of these on my 1985 Miyata

Nash - 02/11/13 - 7:57am

Is it for joining two sets of handlbars together for extra big people, like the cranfield man?

Cpt. Obvious - 02/11/13 - 8:18am

Sachs nipple clamp

adam - 02/11/13 - 8:36am

That could legitimately be a campy seat and post… just add leather. But it also looks like a bullmoose stem I had on a Schwinn MTB which is a few years older than me

ant1 - 02/11/13 - 9:46am

campy leaf rake. model name lombardia, i think.

Jeff - 02/11/13 - 10:47am

That is a Campy limited edition corkscrew!

Jeff - 02/11/13 - 10:49am

…actually that is a Campy TT stem.

MB - 02/11/13 - 12:45pm

I can’t wait for the day when they post an actual Campy seatpost.

reverend dick - 02/11/13 - 12:50pm

Sakae stem.

notmikeb - 02/11/13 - 1:21pm

Well it’s a Monday Mystery Pic so it has to be some sort of 90’s cantilever brake……

Sean - 02/11/13 - 1:29pm

Not anywhere near as smooth, perhaps this link’s an older version:

joby - 02/11/13 - 2:58pm

About a pound and a half no longer required on your front end…

Hashbrowns - 02/11/13 - 3:58pm

Boat anchor.

Klunker - 02/11/13 - 4:13pm

It`s a early 80`s slingshot stem…

thor - 02/11/13 - 4:39pm

sakae mtb stem….. we used to buy loads of them and built them in almost all our early Mtb’s ( very early eighties in Germany … if I remember)

best Thor

DeeEight - 02/11/13 - 8:42pm

Sakae stem, hell I have one for sale along with the rest of the early 80s bike it came with…

2WheelFetish - 02/11/13 - 9:06pm

It’s Specialized’s version of the Sakae MT-100 stem (which also required the MT-100 bars, 22.2mm clamp diameter) found on early Specialized MTBs. Nicer than the Sakae version; same concept, though.

Slideways - 02/12/13 - 9:19am

Anti-wheelie stem…

Zach Overholt - 02/12/13 - 12:56pm

Answer: S R Slingshot stem

Campy Seat post - 02/12/13 - 4:55pm

Campy seatpost is campy seatpost.

double G - 02/14/13 - 12:46am

I seem to recall Suntour doing a stem like that in the mid to late 80’s

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