Hydrapak Unveils Two New Soft Flasks, Wins Award Instantly


Hydrapak unveiled two new soft flasks this week, the .35 liter (12 ounce) SF350 and the .5 liter (16 ounce) SF 500 which instantly won ISPO’s Performance Accessories category.  Expanding on the already successful five and eight ounce soft flasks,  these add versatility via a larger filling port,  shut off valve, and optional hand strap.  The larger capacity also adds a little extra utility as they are designed to deliver liquid, gel, or a mix of the two and will surely fit nicely in a jersey pocket .   The SF350 and 500 won’t be available to the public until summer and will range in price between $15 and $25.


harro - 02/10/13 - 8:35pm

Theoretically you could fill it up with sun tan lotion as well…hmm

Dale - 02/10/13 - 10:58pm

Love it for gel. Less GU trash on the roads.

Hashbrowns - 02/10/13 - 11:52pm

mmmmmmm, 16 oz of gel…

mike - 02/11/13 - 11:16am

I’ve been loading up 6 hours worth of hammer perpetuem into one of these. http://www.rei.com/product/696007/coghlans-squeeze-tubes-package-of-2

Dale - 02/11/13 - 1:18pm

Haha 16 oz of gel seems a lil gross, 12 maybe. But even keeping the 12 2/3 full is better than trying to bite open clif blocks and getting gu on your fingers. And the no wrapper deal is great.

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