This Dream Team Will Make You Smile

Your heart strings have now been pulled.



Steve - 02/08/13 - 4:35am

Very funny video ! LOL

The dog ist great !

Love it !

Happy trails !


T - 02/08/13 - 6:37am

As lame as this may sound: Early in the video the rider runs a stop sign (without even looking) with the dog in the backpack. If I killed my dog because I couldn’t be bothered to stop, I am pretty sure I would never forgive myself.

Adrian - 02/08/13 - 8:51am

Excellent video.

T, you wouldn’t be able to. You might be dead.

T - 02/08/13 - 9:27am

Adrian, while you might be right, imagine spending your eternal afterlife with a dog that knows you killed it.

pmurf - 02/08/13 - 10:00am

Too cool!

While I agree with T, I think I’d be far more afraid of running over my dog on the trail.

Rico - 02/08/13 - 10:22am

Arroyo Seco!! OO Rah!

Charlie Best - 02/08/13 - 10:43am

I’ll take the hat that didn’t have a wet, muddy, dog’s ass pressed up against it thanks.

David R. - 02/08/13 - 11:05am

We ride that trail with dog Boo, Tuesday nights. He rocks it!!!

rgeniec - 02/08/13 - 5:28pm

El Prieto after the rain..

Team Hungry - 02/09/13 - 5:13pm

Its not a 29r so its stoopid

GH - 02/11/13 - 11:41pm

I risk my own life running stop signs (and others too… probably) but never my dog’s.

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