LeMond Back In the Game – Trainer Game, That is

When LeMond Fitness sold the stationary bike portion of the company to Hoist Fitness just before Interbike Last year, the future of the LeMond Revolution trainer came into question. While loud, the trainer does offer exceptional road feel and all without having to bother with a rear wheel. A few days ago, through a press release Greg LeMond announced a new company called Lemond Inc. The company would retain rights to the Revolution trainer. Starting with the trainer as their first established product, Lemond plans on introducing a number of Revolution compatible accessories designed by Greg and his team of innovators.

LeMond acquired manufacturing and distribution rights, so existing LeMond Revolution dealers will be dealing with LeMond Inc and can “expect a higher level of service, support, and new products in 2013 and beyond.”

Full PR after the break.

MINNEAPOLIS – February 1, 2013 – Greg LeMond today announced the launch of a compelling new cycling venture, LeMond Inc., with its initial product being the already-established LeMond Revolution Indoor Trainer. In its third year of production, the Revolution is a direct-drive indoor trainer which is unique in its ability to capture the same feeling as riding outside on the road.

It is widely acknowledged as the finest indoor cycling trainer currently on the market, and has been used at the Tour de France by the Garmin team, which rode the LeMond Revolution in their warm-up prior to winning the team time trial stage in the 2011 edition.

LeMond plans to release a line of Revolution compatible accessories designed by Greg and his inspired ensemble of innovators. “For the last 30 years I have been passionate about design and technology. This new company gives me the opportunity to dream again. For starters, I am excited to bring LeMond to Minneapolis. The community here is full of engineers, developers, and designers with a serious passion for cycling and I really look forward to drawing from this deep talent pool. ”

“The Revolution trainer will serve as our foundation,” continues LeMond, who won the Tour de France in 1986, 1989 and 1990, and was also twice pro world road race champion.

With LeMond acquiring manufacturing and distribution rights, existing LeMond Revolution dealers and enthusiasts can expect a higher level of service, support and new products in 2013 and beyond.

“We plan to change the way all cyclists relate to cycling, starting with indoor trainers,” said LeMond. “As we create new products, our goal will be the integration of the cycling experience in all of its forms. Cycling is going through a dramatic transition and we are ready to step up and play a role in its future. This future is bright and LeMond will be there with the products to make our cycling experiences more meaningful, successful, and safe.”

“More than 80 million people in the U.S. alone are riding their bikes regularly, so I’m excited to be a part of this growing industry and the future of cycling.”


jay - 02/06/13 - 1:50pm

they may be “back in the game” but i would hesitate to go so far as to say “they are going places”

Canucklehead - 02/06/13 - 2:03pm

@jay: You’re spinning your wheels 😉

Dave - 02/06/13 - 2:04pm

^^^ Ha! Good one!

Jmg - 02/06/13 - 2:33pm

“the Revolution is a direct-drive indoor trainer which is unique in its ability to capture the same feeling as riding outside on the road.”

Has he not heard of the Wahoo Kickr? Better wake up, Mr. Lemond…

Charles O - 02/06/13 - 3:01pm

WHAT???!!! wait WHAT?? What did you say? Sorry, can’t hear you.

IsThisTerrible??? - 02/06/13 - 5:15pm

I just hope Lemond Inc. doesn’t wind up being intimidated by Lance Armstrong and strong-armed (no pun intended but the unintentional pun is definitely accepted) into dropping LeMond and bringing on Lance as their new celebrity endorser.

pantsandjacket - 02/06/13 - 5:49pm

Is there an attachment for mixing cocktails?

I know Mr. Greg would really enjoy that feature.

Jake - 02/06/13 - 5:49pm

BT (track bikes) produce something like this in Australia. They have been on the market for 8 plus years?

iNo - 02/06/13 - 6:28pm

I have one of these and it is the best “trainer” I have ever used.

I still prefer to ride outdoors.

Reynard - 02/06/13 - 10:21pm

Road-like feel? I still prefer my old school Kreitler rollers with the Headwind unit. I can’t stand the feel of a trainer from the standpoint of my bike being held stationary. Plus, my PowerTap wouldn’t work with the Lemond trainer.

jaas - 02/07/13 - 10:48am

“while loud” should be more like “while jet-engine loud”

JUST THE FACTS - 02/17/13 - 6:27pm

So why did Lemond Fitness fail and why will Lemond Inc. succeed? I hear a lot of people, both investors and employees lost out. I would be interesting to understand what happened f the product is so great. Lemond seems to have a history of business failures.

Joe - 12/10/13 - 10:04pm

See Houdaille Road Machine from many years ago-

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