Limited Edition Giro “Sherwood Camouflage” Cycling Gloves

Giro Sherwood Camouflage limited edition mountain bike gloves

Giro’s February limited edition Facebook offering is out and, like your hands in the woods, it’s likely to disappear quickly. Last month’s item reportedly sold out in under a day. Here’s the official blurb:

Nothing matches the superb fit and feel of a tailored leather cycling glove. While the rich leather used in the LX LF glove is timeless in classic black and white tones, we wanted to see what we could do with color.

We decided to bring a timeless “Sherwood Camouflage” pattern to the LX LF by using a process that enables a design to be permanently applied to leathers. Sherwood Camouflage is a subtle variation of Woodland Camo, which was designed at the end of World War II by the US Army Engineer Research and Development Lab.

In addition to the LX LF’s durable tanned leather and Merino wool Flex Zones, this Sherwood Camo edition features our Super Fit Engineered 3-panel palm and Technogel padding in the heel for cushioning. With 6 sizes to choose from, the LX LF fits like a second skin, so no matter where the ride takes you from road to mountain, this glove has you covered.

Want it? Act fast and click over to their Facebook page for details.


Rich - 02/01/13 - 11:21am

Would have liked them but not at $70!

Steve - 02/01/13 - 11:25am

I guess limited edition = premium price.

tj - 02/01/13 - 11:52am

How about the original for $25?

DerHoggz - 02/01/13 - 2:55pm

The price comes from the materials used, Pittards isn’t cheap.

eric - 02/01/13 - 3:06pm

The price is exactly the same as the standard in-line colors

Marmon Hammer - 02/01/13 - 4:07pm

Facebook only? I hate this development. As a proud ‘non-Facebooker’, I hope we see less and less of this trend, although I’m guessing it’ll only get worse. Not that I would’ve spent $70 on a pair of gloves anyway.

Mindless - 02/01/13 - 4:37pm

$70? Kinda rich for a bro deal.

jim - 02/02/13 - 9:52am

the camo thing ensures that you will put down the gloves and not be able to find them.

Ferrell - 02/02/13 - 2:35pm

I love people who wear camo, when I see them in the grocery check-out line I just crowd ahead of them and pretend I cant see them.

Some guy - 02/03/13 - 9:31pm

If only Giro could make a pair of gloves that lasted more than a season… their helmets are great though.

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