Friday Shredits: Get Amped For Your Weekend

This is the one video you should watch this week. Kirt Voreis carries unbelievable speed through every berm and makes it look way to easy. The man trail rides with style and grace.

Can’t stop at one video? There’s three more after the break….

I hear it snows places? Mad props to this guy for getting out and killing in on this very steep and technical trail. Now I feel really guilty for complaining about how cold it was during my last night ride outing (gasp, 50 degrees!).

We haven’t featured a BMX video in a while, so here’s a great edit with a classy soundtrack. Love Alex Donnachie’s style.

You know what kind of bikes we never feature in our Friday Shredit roundup? The ones with big wagon wheels. It’s a shame, because the two guys in this video are ripping at their local neighborhood trail. Special thanks to the guys at Bicycle Sport in South Charlotte for send this our way.

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Grammar Aficionado - 02/01/13 - 7:38pm

Kirt Voreis makes it look way too* easy

Sinman - 02/01/13 - 8:30pm

Sniff ‘n the Tears, Driver’s seat, I practically teared up!! Good times, good times.

Brian - 02/01/13 - 8:34pm

Wondering if the Charlotte trail is open to others or is it a true, backyard trail. Looks fun!

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