Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Epic Tuck

bikerumor pic of the day taken by go pro camera riding specialized epic 29er

Photo submitted by Thomas Jeffreys who rides for The Bike Way in Omaha, NE, “Go Pro pic of me on my Specilized Epic.”

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jesper - 02/01/13 - 8:29am

super super picture, just epic, it made my day ! thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jake - 02/04/13 - 10:18am

That’s funny, it looks like he’s prepping for a left turn, but the trail clearly goes right. Very cool pic though.

Tom jeffreys - 02/04/13 - 11:09am

It is a right turn, but there is a tree very close on my left as you ride up the face of the jump, and half of a brick wall ( It’ s a old house basement) . I cant get the ok to cut it down, so the only way I can lean it is to the left. It’s just the path you have to take before the jump that makes it more comfortable to flip it to the left. It’s also a flat landing so I like to fly low most of the time. I would love to remove that tree and give it a landing ramp but they say no.

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