Avert Your Eyes! TwinSix “Chump to Champ” Ugly Bicycle Jersey Finalists

Twinsix chump-to-champ ugly cycling jersey contest finals

Well, the top losers-to-winners are in for Twin Six’s ‘Chump to Champ’ ugly cycling jersey contest. Feast your peepers on these eyesores and be glad they’re no longer in front of you in the paceline. Vote for your (least) favorite here so someone can win some new duds. Winner is announced tomorrow and gets $600 to spend at Twinsix.com.


Bob - 01/31/13 - 10:31am

I have to say I wouldn’t want to be following #5. That pattern and sleeveless too is just plain wrong.

Adrian - 01/31/13 - 10:34am

#2 is pretty ugly.

Kyle - 01/31/13 - 10:41am

Link to vote seems broken.

Bre Rue - 01/31/13 - 10:45am

Number 4 has to be the most hideous jersey I have ever seen!

Danno - 01/31/13 - 10:58am

I still rock my Graffix on the trails. Gets lots of comments, all positive, believe it or don’t

Craig - 01/31/13 - 10:58am

I used to own #5 – so that is my vote.

Jason - 01/31/13 - 11:33am

I would still rock the Graffix if I had one to rock!

Leesa - 01/31/13 - 11:50am

My friend still rocks the Graffix, as well. My take is that the ugliness of the jersey is counteracted by the coolness-factor of what the brand represents :)

Dalton - 01/31/13 - 11:56am

I still have my Graffix jersey like that….. I love that its number 1.

ThinkBikeminded - 01/31/13 - 1:56pm

Here’s the correct link: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151193253636863&set=a.65447541862.85305.59851606862&type=1&theater

Alternately, you can just find Twin Six on Facebook to vote.

il Bruce - 01/31/13 - 2:03pm

I like the giraffe jersey.

Anne Mackliin - 01/31/13 - 3:10pm

The link is not working, but I vote for #6. Who wants a giraffe’s butt on your back?

Canucklehead - 01/31/13 - 3:26pm

Compared to the PeeWee Herman earlier, these are tame

Wayne - 01/31/13 - 3:43pm

Totally, Graffix one is funny i had totally forgotten that. Pull some tubes!

Kristibee - 01/31/13 - 4:26pm

Thanks, guys. Link is fixed now.

Chuck Dick - 01/31/13 - 4:47pm

Why is #1 in this contest?

Carrot Top

gringo - 01/31/13 - 9:26pm

Graffix one could be relaunched to commemerate the latest goings on in colorado and Washington.

aaron - 02/01/13 - 2:37am

time to bring out the kerosene

pantsandjacket - 02/01/13 - 10:05am

Do you think they are going to sell the leftover designs to Primal Wear?

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