Bikerumor Monday Mystery Pic

bikerumor monday mystery pic from marks bike shop in harrisonburg va

This week’s photo is submitted by the folks at Marks Bike Shop in Harrisonburg, VA. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

To send in your own Mystery Pic to be considered for the Monday feature, click here and attach your photo with all pertinent information.


Dret - 01/28/13 - 7:21am

maybe chain tensioner

Nado - 01/28/13 - 7:41am

Felt Equilink link.

fraser - 01/28/13 - 7:43am

Campy seatpost. 100% sure!

Nash - 01/28/13 - 7:51am

Red piece off a bike or something

gwadzilla - 01/28/13 - 7:54am

is that a removable quick release lever?

I think Specialized had a full suspension bike where the wheels did not have standard quick release devices

this resembles that

Tommy Rodgers - 01/28/13 - 8:06am

Disc caliper adapter for post-mount to post-mount (larger rotor).

MagliaRosa - 01/28/13 - 8:37am

Campy minimalist fire-axe.

calvinsteve - 01/28/13 - 9:03am

I think its a break post or part of the break system

Alan - 01/28/13 - 9:06am

Quick release skewer

Logan - 01/28/13 - 9:26am

Brake mount adapter

pmurf - 01/28/13 - 9:42am

spoke-jamming weapon for CX races.

A Dork - 01/28/13 - 9:48am

Replacement femur!

Mat - 01/28/13 - 10:27am

Felt Full-sus link

JC - 01/28/13 - 10:56am

It´s a FELT equilink, nothing else!

Luix! - 01/28/13 - 12:58pm

As said by other readers, it’s a Fet Equilink, well… link.

Saris - 01/28/13 - 11:01pm

Campy seatpost.

Kristibee - 01/29/13 - 9:02am

Answer from Erik Jensen at Marks Bike Shop: A Felt Equilink suspension part.

Campy Seat post - 01/29/13 - 12:21pm

Campy seat post

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