Found: Pee Wee Herman Skinsuit

Pee-wee Herman Skinsuit
Perfect for your next big adventure, or cross race, whichever comes first, this Pee Wee Herman Skinsuit will keep you looking sharp on the bike, but doesn’t guarantee against going OTB Pee Wee Style. Made by Podium Cycling, the skinsuit retails for $149.99 and is available in men’s and women’s sizes from XS on up to 3XL, and women’s 4XL.
Pee Wee not your thing? What about a Spiderman, Superman, Tron, or Hipster (yes, hipster – their words, not mine) skinsuit? See them after the break.

Tron Cycling Skinsuit
If Podium could partner with Glimmer Gear on a light up version of the Tron Skinsuit, then you might really have something! Like all of Podium’s Skinsuits, they feature a TMF 3D Long Distance Chamois, Flatlock stitching, an Elite YKK Zipper, MAB Powerband Leg Grippers, and MITI Lycra Shield Endurance Fabric.
Spiderman Inspired Cycling Skinsuit

Superman Inspired Skinsuit
If you’re feeling particularly heroic on the bike lately, maybe a superhero costume might be more apropos.
Hipster Cycling Skinsuit
I guess the V-Neck and jeans qualify for the hipster look, but if you ask us you’re going to need a mustache and some Wayfarers to complete the look. Maybe this will turn out to be the modern equivalent of the Carrera jeans bib shorts?


TMH - 01/24/13 - 6:25pm

I’d wear this around town.

nick_outdoors - 01/24/13 - 6:52pm

If only the lines on the Tron skin suit were reflective. It would have style and purpose.

Speedy - 01/24/13 - 7:28pm

The tron one = exactly 79 podiums. The Pee Wee Herman one however is more like 7,200,000 podiums and a world championship

Steve - 01/24/13 - 7:38pm

Awesome CX race kit.

Chuck - 01/24/13 - 7:46pm

I can’t wait to see the womens 4X Pee Wee Herman this summer!

Nathan - 01/24/13 - 8:02pm

No foolin, I actually would buy the Tron suit, especially if it glowed… Night training! If it were a long-suit for winter training, all the better…

The other suits – never, never, never, never. Not even if Nashbar was selling them for $5.

Michael - 01/24/13 - 10:44pm

Think I’m going to get the Tron suit with the Specialized Prevail Helmet in Black and Neon Blue. Lightcycle bike shall be a Salsa Beargrease.

Hell Yeah! - 01/24/13 - 10:59pm

That Pee Wee is freakn weird and not in a good way. Never in a Million years would l wear it.

Mr. P - 01/24/13 - 11:35pm

I like the Super-mangina!


Joshua - 01/25/13 - 1:26am

Oh its on. I’ll be wearing this in my next crit.

Joshua - 01/25/13 - 1:27am

For the record I’ll be wearing the Pee Wee. The other ones are so childish.

Ventruck - 01/25/13 - 2:14am

I wanted the black Spiderman kit Northwave had. :/

And the hipster kit needs moar holes and fade. Where’s the vintage appeal? Where’s the scarf? So not cool. Like shopping-at-the-Gap not cool.

Nash - 01/25/13 - 5:16am

I can see somebody bmx street riding in the hipster get up, its not far off the tight jeans look

jaas - 01/25/13 - 11:04am

I would totally wear the Pee Wee Herman in a race if I wasn’t M123 back-of-the-field pack fill

RUSTYDOGG - 01/25/13 - 12:32pm

I’m thinking Pee-Wee Herman is a bad marketing move. A group of peeps thought hard ; ) about that too which kinda scares me. Why not just a Tuxedo or suit? Gotta throw Pee_Wee in there!? Is he even relevant anymore?
I’d wear the hell out of that Tron suit. Its actually got better graphic appeal (IMO) than a lot of the kits coming out of the mill lately!

nrkocyclist - 01/25/13 - 1:18pm

Pee Wee skinsuit with shiny white Sidi’s!

Psi Squared - 01/25/13 - 4:40pm

I’d wear the PeeWee suit without shame. It’d be all the better to wear it on a genuine PeeWee bicycle.

uglyyeti - 01/25/13 - 4:48pm

Contrast stitching on the chamois seam is a little strange – especially on the superman. Ring around the junk.

Shawn Moore - 01/25/13 - 7:39pm

The Tron skinsuit with some electroluminescent wire would be perfect night time kit at a 24 hour race!

MG - 01/26/13 - 2:52pm

I want… All of them

Heather Grantham - 01/26/13 - 6:45pm

The PeeWee Herman one makes me want to take up cycling. I love it!!

Surly Shawn - 01/28/13 - 12:56pm

Love it!

scentofreason - 11/04/13 - 7:08pm

The visual: You and 15 of your fattest hairiest riding budding at the start line of a mountain bike race all wearing the ‘bikini skinsuit’…..

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