Videos: Downhill Mountain Bike Racing Inside a Mall

Above is 4x champ Michal Prokop’s winning run at the Arkády DownMall Praha indoor mountain bike race. Click through the brake for a couple more runs (with better angles) and a ramp trick session at the end…

Fellow competitor Hannes Slavik (above) and a side-by-side viewing of Prokop’s and Tomas Slavik (below).

Video below is a ramp session, music has a bit of language.


Mindless - 01/23/13 - 1:32pm

Looks like fun.

satisFACTORYrider - 01/23/13 - 1:48pm

this is the only reason to ever be in a mall.

truth seeker - 01/23/13 - 6:41pm


Ventruck - 01/23/13 - 11:01pm

“click through the brake”

Javi - 01/26/13 - 5:55pm

@truth seeker

cos they don´t buy stuffs?

I think it´s very original

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