Troy Lee Designs teases the A1, a new trail helmet?

Hmmmm. What do we have here? It looks like the vaguest outline of a well ventilated trail helmet…or perhaps an alien egg.

Let the rumors swirl!


bin judgin - 01/22/13 - 3:36pm


Saris - 01/22/13 - 3:38pm

@bin judgin

I Lol’d!


keoni - 01/22/13 - 3:45pm

Good name for a helmet….makes me think of a great steak sauce….yum yum!!!

J - 01/22/13 - 6:52pm

A quick google search will find you photos of the helmet…

satisFACTORYrider - 01/23/13 - 9:09am


Adam - 01/23/13 - 12:11pm

from Gwinny

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