Santa Cruz bicycles introduces their newest Aluminum bike, the Blur TR

When the Blur TRc was introduced back in 2011, it quickly became a favorite among many thanks to its slacker angles and longer travel than the Blur XC, but still not quite as long as the Blut LT. In its carbon guise, the LTc is a trail shredding rocket ship, but the “c” designation hinted that at some point an aluminum model would be available too and Santa Cruz has finally made good on that promise.

The TR is very similar to the TRc in almost every way with a tapered head tube, threaded bottom bracket, 68 degree head tube, 142×12 rear axle, ISCG tabs, grease ports, the works. They even snuck in internally routed dropper post compatibility and two bottle cage mounts. Sitting at 125mm of travel, the TR is still situated squarely between the XC at 100mm and the LT at 140mm. While some might think having three bikes so close together in travel is overkill, the options and versatility of each bike ad up to easily being able to build the perfect ride to suit your riding style and your local trails.

Santa Cruz mentioned the bike has quickly become a favorite of Josh “RatBoy” Bryceland, and if the video of him after the break is any indication – the sky is the limit with the new TR!


Fun, right? Not that we all *ahem* can ride like Ratboy, but one can dream right? The new Blur TR certainly looks to offer mid travel VPP performance in a more affordable package – pricing coming soon.

Photos Credit: Forrest Arakawa


Bayard - 01/21/13 - 11:33am

Chicks will dig this ride

Matt - 01/21/13 - 11:44am

I’ve been holding out for a year from purchasing a new bike hoping they would soon release the TR in a more affordable aluminum version. Looks like my waiting was not in vain! And Josh Bryceland was killing it!

Topmounter - 01/21/13 - 12:12pm

They don’t make it easy… Blur TR, Blur LT (and the Nomad), =$1925… +~$700 and drop 2+ pounds.

Igor - 01/21/13 - 12:20pm

Is it just me or does Josh ride around 150mm fork on this TR?

Mindless - 01/21/13 - 12:36pm

Is this a legal trail?

yesplease - 01/21/13 - 2:48pm

Ratboy ripped that trail to pieces, so sick.

Matt - 01/21/13 - 4:01pm

Manualing is sweet.

Baller - 01/21/13 - 8:45pm

All that and it’s not even a 650b. - 01/22/13 - 1:13pm

Great bike, looks like a lot of fun. The ‘flashy’ video-edit doesn’t do the bike justice though.

Saris - 01/22/13 - 5:07pm


I didn’t recognize all the trails, but they are illegal. Santa Cruz has a lot of amazing riding but almost none of it is legal.

If you’re ever out this way, the best thing to do is check out Demonstration Forest. It’s a long long pedal up (or a $20 shuttle) but the trails are very well maintained and have lots of well built features.

Mindless - 01/22/13 - 6:20pm

@Saris: I do ride around Santa Cruz often (and in Demo too), but since I do not know locals, nobody can show me the goods.

Saris - 01/28/13 - 3:26pm


Then Strava is your best friend. There are no shortage of idiots creating segments without any regard to the original trail builders or the legality of the network.

That trail in the video (finally figured out which one it is) is pretty illegal. Not one of the most contentiousness but it’s supposed to be “top” secret. I didn’t learn about it for a long time and it took even longer to figure out where it was.

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