Tel-O-Porter Rental Trailer Concept – Attaches to Bike, Detaches to Lug Around

Tel O Porter trailer bike attachment rental e bikeIf you’ve biked Tel Aviv, you may have noticed the Tel-O-Fun bike rental stations. Systems like that are growing in large cities worldwide, and as with any tech, there’s always room for improvement.

Industrial designer Udi Rimon developed an add-on for rental bikes, the Tel-O-Porter trailer, something that’s easily adaptable to other city bike rental systems. Snapping to the rear rack, it carries groceries and large items and can be removed to be rolled around like a shopping cart. Weight capacity is 100lbs, so on those days when the pack and panniers can’t quite hold the cargo, the Tel-O-Porter seems a downright viable option.

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Tel O Porter trailer bike attachment rental e bike detached carry

Tel O Porter Hitch Rack

Via Gizmodo

For additional images and a video visit Udi Rimon’s website.


Bob - 01/16/13 - 10:15pm

That guy should put some shoes on!

dimples - 01/16/13 - 11:48pm

Burley already makes this, but more readily attachable to almost any bike:

No dedicated basket, but that’s kind of a bonus.

gringo - 01/17/13 - 3:02am

that would be a fantastic accessory to go with an for schlepping huge loads.

Maxwell - 01/19/13 - 6:55am

@Bob, Humans evolved to ride bicycles barefoot. It’s more naturaler.

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