BMX Grip Flashlights, Cue the Nostalgia

As a child my bike was my best friend. Heck, I’m well into adult hood and my bicycle is still one of my very best friends, and it all started with a love of those little 20″ kids bikes. There’s just nothing that brings you back to the simply joy of riding like grabbing a BMX bike and practicing some tricks in front of the house.

British designer Alexander Taylor had a BMX bike until he was about 14 and still holds a certain nostalgia for the little bike. That’s all it took for this awesome idea to be born. The grip torch houses a “powerful” LED light in a BMX style handlebar grip – complete with high flanges and mushroom grip. You can pick yours up for $28. 

Via Deezen


r1Gel - 01/15/13 - 2:36am

USD28??? No thanks…

wsm - 01/15/13 - 5:15am

why wouldn’t you just stuff a Maglite in a regular grip, then you could change the grip when ever you got bored of the color?

Speedy - 01/15/13 - 7:17pm

Wait a minute! Someone made a product like this and DIDN’T use Kickstarter?! So it can be done.

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