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bikerumor monday mystery pic from jeff at first flight bicycles

Photo from the collection of Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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Ian - 01/14/13 - 8:56am

handle bars with attached stem (quill?).

Ripnshread - 01/14/13 - 9:07am

Merlin bar/stem. I seem to remember that near the end of the original Merlin cycles one of the original owners started working with anodizing Ti…hmmm.

Ripnshread - 01/14/13 - 9:12am

Or Ibis…so many choices for Ti. back when quills were used…

jud - 01/14/13 - 9:42am

Could be merlin, I thing the are the klein handlebars.

Mat - 01/14/13 - 9:50am

Grove Innovations bar / stem combo?

Level-4 - 01/14/13 - 10:07am

It’s a Titus TI bar stem combo, had several made back in the 90’s

Sevo - 01/14/13 - 10:59am

Actually it’s a One-Off titanium handlebar/stem combo. The swirl in the middle of the stem gives it away. :)

Gary Helfrich (sp?) was at Merlin and did help start it, but then spun off.

Jay de Jesus - 01/14/13 - 12:02pm

One-Off Titanium! Anodized logo by Leni Fried is a giveaway. Mike Augspurger is the One-Off wizard behind this bar-stem combo. He always set the gnarliest trials courses at Mount Snow.

Arse Clown - 01/14/13 - 12:08pm

C’mon, where’s the a**hat who says it’s a Campy seatpost?

You’re late!

Jared - 01/14/13 - 12:59pm

That looks like a Mike Augspurger and Leni Fried collaboration. Mike (now One Off Titanium) was one of the original Merlin guys and Leni specializes in crazy paint and anodizing.

Robert - 01/14/13 - 1:06pm

It is a One-Off Titanium bar-stem-combo made by Mike Augspurger. He was one of the founders of Merlin, then started One-Off Titanium. The anodizing was made by Leni Fried.

Tom - 01/14/13 - 2:30pm

1990s Campy MTB headset bearing rotation tool. It looks like its missing that damn spacer that costs 45 bucks.

Your Face - 01/14/13 - 5:46pm

Hey Arse Hat, that is obviously a Campy first edition quick release skewer. Seatpost? You are one ignorant bike lover.

Chris Cocalis - 01/14/13 - 6:33pm

It’s a little difficult to tell, because several of us made Ti bar stem combos, but the top cap and bolt look a lot like the ones from my original Titus Titanium bar/stem combos. I actually began producing these before my first ever titanium frame in 1989. Chris Cocalis

RWG - 01/14/13 - 7:38pm

Chris – I had one of yours built for my fisher prometheus ti frame back around ’92… it does look just like the titus to me.

Raymond Arnott - 01/14/13 - 9:11pm

I agree with most that it is a handlebar and stem. You can even see where the grips where on the handlebar…

Kristibee - 01/15/13 - 10:23am

Answer from Jeff at First Flight Bicycles: One Off Ti stem/bar combo.

charlie - 01/18/13 - 7:41pm


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