New Frame Color Combo for Yeti SB66 Trail Bike?

Yeti SB66 mountain bike new frame color

Word is this rich yellow paint scheme is a new colorway for the Yeti SB66 mountain bike. Photo is reportedly from the folks at Bicycle Johns in Santa Clarita, CA, sent in by one of our wonderful readers (thanks, Kevin!), who said it’s the first one in the US.

From the looks of it, it’s a darker yellow than the original Lime color offered (shown after the break), and the trademark Yeti turquoise gets a bigger placement on the logos and eccentric pivot assembly, flip-flopping the colors of the Lime model’s logos and linkage.

Yet SB66 trail mountain bike in its original lime color



Ray P. - 01/13/13 - 12:32pm

Isn’t that just great. Now where the h*** is the carbon sb95!?!?!?

Ripnshread - 01/13/13 - 12:52pm

Classic Yeti. Now where are the black and white pinstriped “darts” ???

Steve - 01/13/13 - 1:09pm

Definitely one of, but not THE first…I saw one of the beauties built up in Wheat Ridge Cyclery earlier this week. Awesome bike!!

Sammy T - 01/13/13 - 1:19pm

Way better than the “electric piss” color that seems to be everywhere these days, but still waiting for the new 575 in Yeti turquoise…

aaron - 01/13/13 - 2:21pm

invert the color placement and I’m in

reverend dick - 01/13/13 - 2:51pm

Please. Stop using the word/phrase “color way”.

McGoo - 01/13/13 - 3:33pm

Hideous, but I love it.

Topmounter - 01/13/13 - 4:01pm

I like some Comic Sans with my colorway.

Gillis - 01/13/13 - 4:16pm

any of a range of combinations of colors in which a style or design is available

Sven - 01/13/13 - 5:24pm

Hi you all. I am Sweden man and am wanting this bike such bad! I am feeling very hard now sense I don’t can get.

Sven - 01/13/13 - 5:24pm

You can help me?

frank - 01/13/13 - 5:35pm

An accurate definition doesn’t make it any less pretentious.

Mindless - 01/13/13 - 7:25pm

Amazing news.

Devin - 01/13/13 - 8:48pm

I too used to hate the term “color-way,” but it’s just a way of saying “total amalgamation of colors and design elements that make up this specific version.” It’s actually a pretty useful term when you’re taking about anything that uses more than one color.

Pretentious is “colour-way.” Unless you’re in Merrie Olde England, in which case, tally-ho.

Sancho - 01/13/13 - 9:00pm

haha! if bikerumor isn’t being blasted by cranky nerds about spelling or semantics, it’s being criticized for using words that are too big.

Topmounter - 01/13/13 - 11:11pm

If you like “colorway”, I have a few other terms you might like that I learned at knitting circle.

tiz-urkey - 01/13/13 - 11:52pm

YAWN!!!! Different but the same boring sh!t from yeti

Ant'ney - 01/14/13 - 8:56am

Listen, who better to curate this collection of posts than the colorway conscious BR crew?

Henry - 01/14/13 - 10:02pm

I heard there is an SB95 in turquoise now. True?

MissedThePoint - 01/20/13 - 5:12pm

“I heard there is an SB95 in turquoise now. True?”

Found this pic:

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