Found: Maxxon Wireless Bicycle Brake Light

Maxxon wireless bicycle brake light


Maxxon’s Wireless Brake Light claims to use “Nintendo Wii” technology to offer wireless brake light function on your bicycle.

Essentially, that means it’s equipped with an accelerometer that detects a sudden deceleration and turns on a bright, solid red light (5x brighter than standard “on”). It also packs in quite a bit of other tech and options. There are three modes, letting you pick off/blink/steady modes with automatic brake light function as needed in all three. Circuitry is designed to maintain consistent light output throughout the battery charge cycle, can be used with standard or rechargeable batteries and has a broad 240º visibility.

Quick list of features after the break, or check their website for a lengthy Q&A/FAQ section that lays out all the goods…

Maxxon wireless bicycle brake light

Thanks to Steve for the tip!


brian - 01/11/13 - 10:05am

I’ve always wanted to visit Germeny.
Teutonic slurs aside, it looks like a great product.

WojtekG - 01/11/13 - 10:22am

Well said, Brian. I’ve been to Germany countless times and I just love how Germans think of road safety, both in terms of political strategies and people’s behavior. It’s hard to describe how safe and secure you feel riding your bike in Germany.

Canucklehead - 01/11/13 - 11:19am


Where can I buy it?

brian - 01/11/13 - 12:17pm

amazon and ebay have ’em.

iperov - 01/11/13 - 1:19pm


Slideways - 01/12/13 - 10:01am

Very clever. An important safety feature missing on bicycles, especially urban bikes.

Lite Boy - 01/13/13 - 9:54am

Just a little spoiler alert for you all,
The patent number Maxxon has is not the first
Wireless Brake light patent . The Maxxon patent number
7649447 claims a industry first, accelerometer technology.
Look up patent # 7397355 ??? We have exclusive rights
To any accelerometer brake light technology and we have the
copyright By Crazy Trazy for the software in 2006,
Keep it real ! Buy our Wireless Brake light system, contact
At The only Wireless Brake light System…

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