Scosche’s boomBOTTLE Speaker

For some people, nothing gets them more amped than listening to tunes as they ride. Scoche is offering music junkies another way to get their fix. Their shockproof boomBottle uses two 40 mm drivers and a passive sub to pump the beats in a weatherproof case.It plays music via bluetooth or an aux in.

Via Gizmodo


Jonuk - 01/09/13 - 7:54am

Great thats all I need, out for a peaceful ride and ruined by some d!ck playing techno!!! What is it with some people wanting to listen to music constantly. If your out in the sticks just listen to nature and learn to chill out.

Topmounter - 01/09/13 - 11:05am

Just the thing I need to drowned out the screams of STRAVA!!! behind me.

Canucklehead - 01/09/13 - 11:28am


um tss um tss um tss um tss um tss um tss um tss um tss…

Pray for the doppler effect :)

Andy - 01/09/13 - 12:23pm

No, please. Just no.

DawieO - 01/09/13 - 12:56pm

Come near me with one of those and I’ll be forced to feed it to you.

RideBeerSleep - 01/09/13 - 1:40pm

Those will be all over the place at Ragbrai

Mike - 01/09/13 - 5:03pm

Great for us Clydesdales who want to listen to old guy sports radio podcasts while out on the bike. : )

DaleC - 01/09/13 - 5:15pm

Just save it for an extra surge on a breakaway or climb… turn on some talk host that really pisses you off and ride away from the pack. :-)

be_pa - 01/09/13 - 9:00pm

Because the bike speaker market just wasn’t saturated enough…

John - 01/17/13 - 5:58pm

This will help pump me up to advance my rank on Strava. 😉

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