Fun, Waterproof Commuter Saddle Covers by OnYerBikeSeat


When the rain hits, the common solution is to toss a supermarket bag over the saddle and tie down tight.

OnYerBikeSeat just released some saddle covers to remedy that. Simple and to the point, they’re offering the five options pictured above in a waterproof ripstock nylon fabric with pvc coating on the reverse. There’s a visibility loop on the rear that a light can be snapped to. They’ll fit most standard saddles and retail is set at £9.99.

Underbelly image after the break…




hello? - 01/10/13 - 3:33am

BTW PVC is super toxic

Copenhagen cyclist - 01/10/13 - 5:14am

Come to Copenhagen, park your bike somewhere you’ll have one of such covers on your saddle for FREE.

A lot of advertisement is done through this method and I have now 3 or 4 of the covers at home.

Steve - 01/10/13 - 5:21pm

Ripstock nylon?…sweet.

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