Budnitz Bicycles offers special edition No.3, the No.3F

Known for making beautifully simple handmade bikes that are as functional as they look, Budnitz is expanding consumer’s build options with the new No.3F. Budnitz claims the F stands for fast, fat, and very, very fun. Built on their No.3 cantilevered frame, the No.3F forgoes more traditional city tires in favor of Schwalbe’s 29×2.35 (front and rear) SuperMoto street tires. The added girth of the tires, when paired with the steel or titanium frame should result in a comfortable ride all around.

The No.3F will be offered either in singlespeed or 11 speed internal gear trim, with typical Budnitz custom options available. As with all Budnitz bikes, the No.3F will include a typically unapologetic build kit featuring their proprietary titanium handlebars as well as many other high end components and starts at $2800.

In addition to the No.3F, Budnitz is also introducing a new Ultra Pearl paint option that “sparkles and glitters with pearlescent rainbows,” for all of their bikes.

Check it out, along with the titanium No.3F, after the break.

The titanium No.3F offers a better look at the cantilevered frame.

Pictured above is a No.2 Titanium in Ultra Pearl. Budnitz worked with Spectrum Powderworks to develop the Ultra Pearl Paint which is done by layering 3 different specially mixed paints to achieve the shimmering finish.


Gunnstein - 01/07/13 - 4:05pm

Singlespeed / fixie with 29er balloon tires: want. But in what way is this frame cantilevered? Do they mean the way the seat tube is slightly less supported than on a road bike? Then my folding bike is ultra-cantilevered :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantilever

Speedy - 01/07/13 - 4:18pm

Budnitz makes some pretty neat bikes, but seriously…how many different ways can they package the same thing?

Scott - 01/07/13 - 4:43pm

…or you could call Ti Cycles, Lynskey, or Moots and get one sized to you that is from cyclists instead of vinyl toy marketers. Just saying.

@speedy Check out his other venture, http://www.kidrobot.com/. Literally repackaging the same form endlessly.

fuzzy - 01/07/13 - 5:50pm

whointhehellisBudnitz? And why should we care?

Mindless - 01/07/13 - 6:19pm

Ultimate poseur-mobile. Three grand for a fixie?

$1K is max such a ride is worth. Decent wheelset, frame, drivetrain, Brooks.

diehipsterdie - 01/07/13 - 7:00pm

I feel terrible for anyone that has wasted money on these, I’d rather buy a fairdale

burt - 01/07/13 - 7:50pm

Pretty sure that frames with the two top tubes that go past seat tube and continue on as seatstays are called “cantilever”.

Brian - 01/07/13 - 9:06pm

does it creak endlessly? They are overpriced, considering there are much better bikes out there for a fraction of the price. I think Walmart sells bikes that don’t creak when you pedal them…

Bunny - 01/07/13 - 9:21pm

Super (deleted).
I usually wear my red plaid Filson and sling an artisanal axe over my shoulder when getting a block of tofu at the park slope co-op.

Sevo - 01/07/13 - 11:47pm

Say what you want about them but hey….remember a few things:

1) Many “stock sized” steel frames made in the USA go for $1200-1500 each.
2) Look at the Spec…ti post, belt drive, Paul’s levers, ti handlebar, etc… Price complete isn’t off.
3) Still hung up on the brand? Well it’s getting a lot of people looking at bikes and liking bikes who never would step in a shop for multiple reasons.

The bikes look sharp. Very clean. Very nice. I’m not going to buy one anytime soon, but I’m glad people are buying them and glad they are getting a nice product with a cool spec (much made in the USA) to an unserved niche. Price isn’t outrageous either.

Chicken in a Biskit - 01/08/13 - 12:37am

these are fashion accessories. anyone who knows anything about bikes would never buy anything budnitz makes. although i do believe that more people on bikes is always better. some people might find that to be debatable.

Mindless - 01/08/13 - 1:29am

@Sevo Wut? For that money you can get a custom sized steel frame, from the likes of Curtlo, or Rock Lobster. Or just buy just as good Taiwanese frame for a fraction of the cost.
Spec is not worth extra two K.

Tj - 01/08/13 - 9:27am

News flash: every bike is a fashion accessory. Some people just have more money. This is the way of things.

Brandon - 01/08/13 - 9:31am

I don’t know, I kinda like it. To me, it’s not worth the coin, but if someone gave me one I’d ride to get coffee or somethin’.

JimmyZ - 01/10/13 - 2:04am

Hey, Budnitz, the only time I go for something that is simultaneously fast, fat, and fun is between last call and closing
And Brandon, all you need to do in order to be given a budnitz bike is to find somebody who owns a budnitz bike, they have a theft replacement policy

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