Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: River Bottoms Fat Bike Ride

bikerumor pic of the day fat bike at twin cities river bottoms

Photo submitted by Miguel Masberg, “Erik’s Bike Shop employees out enjoying a 1 degree windchill day before the end of 2012. Minneapolis river bottoms trail.”

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Brian Mark - 01/05/13 - 4:16pm

How are those bikes standing, do they have kickstands?

A Dork - 01/05/13 - 10:41pm

Looks like they are leaning on the pedals, which are on top of a log or something.

Mark Brian - 01/05/13 - 11:15pm

I bet there are kickstands. They probably Photoshopped them out. No bike could balance all by itself like that.


n ryan - 01/06/13 - 1:27am

we both know i dont know how to use photoshop. but its not my picture…

BJ - 01/06/13 - 12:57pm

These bikes look familiar…

Zap? - 01/07/13 - 10:05am

I used to ride these trails all the time when I lived nearby.

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