Donkey 6-Pack Holder For the Weekend Brewskies, or Weekday Kombuchas

Donkey 6 pack canvas bike holster side angle strap

Now that we’ve broken that New Year’s resolution of drinking less and working more, here’s a fresh piece of gear to blow that holiday bonus on.

Similar in concept to Walnut Studiolo‘s chic leather frame cinch, the Donkey 6-pack holder sits on the top tube and secures tight with a couple velcro strips. Construction is from a dark grey canvas with orange canvas bottle holders on the sides. It’ll fit most reasonably sized bottles with the bag measuring 26x29x18cm. A single strap is sewn to the top so the bag can be removed easily from the bike and carried elsewhere. Pricing is €39.95, about $53 by my count.

Pictures after the break…

Donkey 6 pack canvas bike holster inside velcro


donkey 6 pack canvas bike holster top tube


Adam - 01/04/13 - 8:46pm

I must get me one of these.

uglyyeti - 01/04/13 - 9:19pm

I was beginning to think 2013 was the year of crap bike ideas. Redemption! First must have of the new year.

BpGuru - 01/05/13 - 6:26am

I’ll stick with my backpack for my beer runs. That looks fancy but I just imagine it swinging from side to side with every turn I take.

Kovas - 01/05/13 - 10:27am

Love it. If it can hold wine bottles… it’s the ultimate way to vineyard hop.

RXbike - 01/05/13 - 11:47am

Amazing, first post that required a comment ever! Must have!

RJ - 01/06/13 - 1:17pm

I’m surprised that the BR Reader Trolls haven’t torn this apart. Looks like that set-up would swing side to side, get in the way of your legs, would only fit large frames and solves a non-existing problem (basket, anyone?). But wait! It has to do with beer. :) That makes people happy!

Rubens - 01/06/13 - 7:49pm

You got it in one RJ

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