Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: 36er In The Wild

bikerumor pic of the day 36 inch waltworks  mountain bike tires

Photo submitted by Matt, “First ride on the 36er with the new Waltworks tires you posted about a awhile back.” Bike by Black Sheep Bikes.

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adam - 01/04/13 - 9:03am

next think you know, we’ll all be riding pennyfarthings through the woods.

Jason - 01/04/13 - 9:15am

…or these:


Whalephaert - 01/04/13 - 10:00am

That just looks ridiculous.

notapro - 01/04/13 - 10:17am

it’s like a fish-eye lens photo! the subcultures in cycling are very entertaining. sophisticated and loves monster trucks kinda profile.

off-roadie - 01/04/13 - 10:41am

36er is the new 650b!

notmikeb - 01/04/13 - 11:00am

mmmmmmmmm…… swoopy

Topmounter - 01/04/13 - 1:16pm

Sooooooo intriguing.

Andrew - 01/04/13 - 1:19pm

I want it

JJ - 01/04/13 - 3:54pm

How bout a 36″ front wheel with a 29″ rear….a true 69er!!

MB - 01/04/13 - 5:59pm

@JJ, I’ve seen it done on a DH rig no less. Something like a 64deg HT though… Search MTBR for 36er and you should find it.

JimmyZ - 01/04/13 - 10:52pm

I could build a whole 26in bike that weighs less than the wheels and tires

MB - 01/05/13 - 1:12am

@JimmyZ – Not that I would feel comfortable riding (about 17-18lbs). Kinda missing the point – light doesn’t necessarily = fun, and heavy doesn’t necessarily = not fun.

Matt - 01/05/13 - 6:23am

Please stick to real cycling info. This kinda crap is just a novelty for the people that can’t stand to not have something different than everyone else.

Boubou - 01/05/13 - 10:04am

Man… all those bashing comments. What the point of posting if its only to tell a blank statement…

Oh the internet…

Kristibee - 01/05/13 - 11:37am

Matt, The “Pic Of The Day” series is just photographs of people’s bikes. Sometimes we post photos of OLD bikes or art made from bikes. It’s not intended to show something new all the time. Novelty is fun sometimes, too.

todwil - 01/06/13 - 10:15am

36er’s are the future…..nice pic Matt! These bikes are fun to ride they roll everything cars, buildings and the
ocasional 26er holdout!!


Erik - 01/06/13 - 1:28pm

Next week: Off Road Recumbents – Who’s making them, and why not!?

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