130mm Cannondale Lefty Super Max 29er “Fork” Weighed, Now Shipping

2013 Cannondale Lefty Super Max 130mm 29er suspension fork photos and weight

Cannondale’s Lefty Super Max 29er “fork” debuted at Eurobike aboard the new Trigger 29er trail bike, and now it’s making its way to dealers.

Quick refresher: It’s the longest Lefty fork they’ve made, and it’s for 29ers. The inside tech is fully updated, same as all 2013 Lefty forks and should be far more reliable than some older models. Forces from the extra travel are handled by a straight 1.5″ headtube, and stanchions’ outside diameters are increased to 36mm (lower) and 42mm (upper). The positioning of the leg is also revised to allow for a shorter stem and tighter trail measurement for quicker handling.

Our friends at Fresh Bikes got this one in and snapped a few pics. On their scale, they’re saying it comes in at 4.03lbs (1830g) with the lower leg shield attached. That’s about 20g less than Cannondale speculated at the tradeshow, which makes us happy…

2013 Cannondale Lefty Super Max 130mm 29er suspension fork photos and weight

Rebound and compression damping controls are up top.

2013 Cannondale Lefty Super Max 130mm 29er suspension fork photos and weight

Air chamber’s filled from the bottom.

2013 Cannondale Lefty Super Max 130mm 29er suspension fork photos and weight

Brake hose/cable management attached to the leg shield. It’s built for 180mm brake rotors at a minimum.

2013 Cannondale Lefty Super Max 130mm 29er suspension fork photos and weight

MSRP is $1,399.

About that weight: Cannondale’s standard 29er Lefty is among the (if not the) lightest fork available and is pretty stiff laterally. The Super Max claims to have the same strength where it counts as a dual crown DH fork while also being on the low end of the spectrum. For example, the Rockshox Revelation XX ¬†29er 140/130/120 ¬†comes in around 1,845g with 32mm stanchions and 20mm thru-axle. A Fox 34 Float 29 comes in at 2,040g with tapered alloy steerer and 15mm thru-axle. The limiting factor for aftermarket applications really looks to be the 1.5″-only steerer and the fact that you’ll need a specific front wheel.


BENJO - 12/27/12 - 8:11pm

Longest? I have a 140 on my RZ…

vincent bried - 12/27/12 - 9:42pm

what does it cost will it fit my trek does it have a disc brake and what does the rim for it cost thanks vince

Jason - 12/28/12 - 1:42am

Are you kiddin me ? About 10 years ago Maverick introduced the DUC 32 – 150mm at 1800g – laterally stiff as a DH fork. Any questions ?

Demi - 12/28/12 - 1:54am

Longest. It’s 29er, remove travel spacers and you’ll get 150mm at 26″ wheel. It’s not 1,5″ but 1,56″ and it is not the limit, you can convert all Leftys to 1 1/8.

CycleMonkey - 12/28/12 - 1:54am

Is there a new hub standard for this fork? The Trigger post says the flanges are spaced an additional 1cm apart, but I haven’t seen anything about a new hub.

Chunk - 12/28/12 - 5:32am

It’s the longest Lefty that’s for 29ers. I’m guessing your Rize is a 26″….

MMyers - 12/28/12 - 6:43am

Hey Vince,

RTFA or troll on, I can’t determine…

gb - 12/28/12 - 9:52am

Hey Vince, you mean the Trek Fuel you paid for with a BAD CHECK? What goes around…

WARFAB - 12/28/12 - 10:32am

All that carbon bling and it has an ABS leg shield?

derek - 12/28/12 - 11:03am


dave - 12/28/12 - 11:59am

steerer weight?

Tracker - 12/29/12 - 9:27am

Sweet roost guard, cuz roost is an issue with 29r trail bikes?

Could never win an butt kicking contest

Andrew - 12/29/12 - 4:33pm

State of the art fork. My 2013 90 pbr lefty makes my RS and Fox forks jurassic ones.

Larry - 12/29/12 - 5:49pm

Yes, the New Super Max29er is the strongest and stiffest Lefty ever made. The steering tube is as mentioned by Demi 1.56 (HeadShok) and reduces to 1.5 in the stem clamping area. This allows for a larger aftermarket stem selection. The new Super Max also allows to run stems as short as 50mm.
Yes, there is also a new, wider hub for more stiffness. Nevertheless, the current one will also fit, but requires a different brake adapter (available thru Cannondale).
The carbon outer tube is no bling! It is mainly responsible for weight and stiffness. A carbon shield will look nice, but adds nothing in terms of performance. Weight saving would be around 5 grams. Pretty sure some aftermarket stuff will pop up soon.
Don’t have any steerer weight at the moment.
Happy Trails

ascar larkinyar - 12/29/12 - 11:56pm

wow wow wow!!!! gonna need to build a whole new bike just to put this fork on. a real all trail 29er is in my future now.

Mr4strings72 - 12/31/12 - 2:19am

Lefty forks are silly.

mark dunn - 01/02/13 - 4:29pm

What is crown to axle length?


Colin - 01/03/13 - 10:42am

I’m also very interested in what the Axle to Crown distance is.

huge - 01/09/13 - 3:22pm

Project 321 Lefty adapter for standard lefty’s is 149g per there website.

Carlos - 05/03/13 - 6:23pm

The fork a/c is 536mm and the weight is 1855g on my scale……no steer

tom - 09/09/15 - 4:58pm

I have used a lefty supermax fork 130mm travel on a Trigger 29ers now for one year. It is by far the best fork i have ever used for enduro and some Down hill. Much stiffer and stronger than conventional forks. The lock out brings the travel down to about 80mm and it’s great for climbing. I have gone of big jumps and bent my front wheel but the hub and forks never get damaged.

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