Found: Mission Bicycle’s Leather U-Lock Belt Holster

Mission Bicycle leather bicycle u-lock belt holster

We’ve posted plenty of leather and non-hide U-Lock holsters, holders and cozies. The latest is from Mission Bicycle, and it retails for just $15.

This one’s a leather strap that hooks to any belt up to 1-3/4″, uses brass hardware and comes in black, brown, honey and white. Other dyes are available upon request. Each one is handmade and fits most standard and mini U-locks. Check ’em out here, another pic below…

Mission Bicycle leather bicycle u-lock belt holster


Hipster bandwagon - 12/25/12 - 3:39pm

Now everyone will see my u-lock and know how cool I am!

Frank - 12/25/12 - 5:57pm

Seeing as you need a belt to use this, and a belt makes a perfectly good u-lock holster on its own… What is the point?

EricNM - 12/25/12 - 6:45pm

Totally awesome! It’ll accessorize great with my fanny pack and my Members Only jacket…

PS: For those of you under 30, Google it.

Hell Yeah! - 12/25/12 - 8:14pm

Im sure its great for its intended user.

anon - 12/26/12 - 12:15pm

“Im sure its great for its intended user.”

Trust fund hipsters?

Trey R - 12/26/12 - 3:07pm

Meh…… it’s only compatible with your sister’s jeans.

Jon - 01/02/13 - 11:41am

Wow, I thought “hipsters” were judgemental and full of themselves.

Kevin - 03/22/13 - 5:36pm

My friend Moe at Cosmoe craft has been making these for years. Every other rider in Seattle has one. Nice thing about hers is she’ll custome tool them for you. Your choice of leather and tooling.

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