Found: Moto Bicycles Wooden Urban Pedal from Germany

Moto Urban Pedal made of wood with grip tape cover from Germany

Moto Bicycles from Germany had these on display at Eurobike, and they looked sweet, but I was rushing past to hit meetings and didn’t have time to get details then. Now we do.

Called the Urban Pedal, it’s a metal spindle in a composite base with real wood surround and grip tape cover. The idea is to make something beautiful for commuter bikes that’s also very functional and comfortable. The large platform provides plenty of surface area, and a very low stack height keeps your feet where they should be. The grip tape cover should last about six months with regular use, and replacements are available in several patterns and colors. Or, hit up your local skate shop and customize them.

Hiding inside the good looks is a very trick adjustable length spindle. Pics, video and more below…

Moto Urban Pedal made of wood with grip tape cover from Germany

They’re just 1.5cm tall, pretty good by any standard.

The lack of bearings might be cause for concern, but they’re the brainchild of a former pro BMX rider who’s been testing and using them on his own bike and under other trick riders. Here’s the video, which also shows the nifty width adjustment:

Moto Urban Pedal made of wood with grip tape cover from Germany

Retail is €155 for a pair. Check them out and order at


Mindless - 12/25/12 - 4:12am

Would be better if they added some concave to it.

Phil - 12/25/12 - 6:01am

Nice idea and really good looks (new). I fear this could turn in a not so nice DIY appeal after some weeks of use… even under good conditions. What works for skateboards may not the thing you want on your commuter bike.

MB - 12/25/12 - 10:35pm

Yeah, I tend to agree. Neat idea, great look, but why not add some simple bearings?

Mindless - 12/26/12 - 2:36am

@MB Because bushings actually work just fine. But €155 for a pair? Why not just get some nice ones, like Podiums or Twenty6 instead at that price.

earlybird - 12/26/12 - 4:40am

Looks quite allright, but I really don’t get the point of adjustable spindle length on a set of platforms.

Jimmy - 12/26/12 - 6:08am

@Mindless I think you cant actually compare these pedals to any other platform pedals. I like the fact they have no concave, no pins and no holes, this should allow any shoe sole to rest on the “whole” platform just like standing on the ground. i found some useful information here

Slow Joe Crow - 12/26/12 - 10:42am

These would look pretty on a wood bike, and they might dampen vibration but I’m concerned about long term weather resistance. I have seen some Giant commuters with the factory installed wood deck racks and they look pretty beat up after a couple of winters.

timbuck2 - 12/26/12 - 12:27pm

They would be perfect on a beach cruiser, at last someone made a pedal you can ride barefoot or with sandals.

weekendwarriorwally - 12/26/12 - 6:28pm

I’m concerned these don’t come in carbon fiber and might not withstand a nuclear blast. Carbon fiber and a half life of 2000 years and I’m in.

Mindless - 12/27/12 - 4:55am

@Jimmy: My skateboard do have some concave and you can ride with regular shoes just fine. In fact more fine than without a concave. So do plastic Flybikes on my commuter, with dress shoes.

Flat, even with some coarse grip, like Vicious, just ain’t good enough.

michelle - 12/29/12 - 8:14am

Fantastic idea! I would love to try a pair.

Si - 07/16/13 - 3:45pm

£135……..! Maybe for half that.

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