Friday Shredits: Get amped for you weekend

This is the Corey Martinez segment from This is United and was brought to my attention by commentator @Bum. If you enjoyed Daniel Sandoval’s next level BMX park edit, this will get you stoked.

World Cup Downhill racer Manon Carpenter takes a break from the circuit to rip around Spain on her two wheeled friends. Girl can shred.

Here’s another user submission which follows a couple of dedicated UK riders doing their weekly night ride. With the sun setting so early and the temperatures dipping, we can all appreciate their dedication.

Night riding season is in full swing in the UK, despite the wet trails and the cold temperatures.  Mat’s Monday Night Riders go out every week of the year, no matter what the weather and this short film helps to capture some of why we do it. – Oliver Townsend

Here’s a movie taking video edits to previously unreached heights of hipsterdom. Shot entirely on Super 8 camera, the video has a nice nostalgic feel.


Bum - 12/21/12 - 4:16pm

Thanks for the shout out Saris!

carl - 12/21/12 - 5:50pm

Corey M – Hooliganism at it’s finest!! Very cool

Ricky Bob - 12/21/12 - 9:47pm


mountguitars - 12/22/12 - 5:58am

one more reason not to wear a helmet, yeehaw!

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