Paul Components 10-Speed RHUB w/ Industry Nine Freehub Now Available

Paul Components 10-speed RHUB rear road bike hub with Industry Nine freehub body mechanism

We spotted these at Interbike, and now Paul Component’s 10-speed RHUB hubs are shipping.

Available in road version (130mm or 135mm widths), mountain bike (135mm disc) and a fat bike (170mm) model, you can choose between silver and black ano for $420 and polished for $426.  Add $20 for the 170mm. The hub shells are made by Paul and have tall, nearly symmetrical flanges available with 32 or 36 hole drillings. The freehub mechanism is from Industry Nine, giving them a tight 3º engagement.

Spin past the break for pics…

Paul Components 10-speed RHUB rear road bike hub with Industry Nine freehub body mechanism

Black and polished here, silver at the top. Claimed weight for the RHUB is 368g to 371g. Spacing is changed by using different end caps.

Paul Components 10-speed RHUB rear road bike hub with Industry Nine freehub body mechanism

I9’s freehubs also bring along their sturdy bearing pattern. Three sealed cartridges sit between the axle and the rest of it, two under the freehub body. A fourth, larger SCB sits between the freehub and hub shell, just like in I9’s hubs. Want them to be a little quieter? Just remove three of the pawls, which will slightly reduce drag, too, but increase engagement to six degrees.

The Disc RHUB gets standard 6-bolt spacing and comes in at a claimed 427g.

Check their website to order one up.



weekendwarriorwally - 12/19/12 - 11:49am

If these hubs aren’t tested to prove they’re PED free then I’ll cry like a little girl.

NotAMachinist - 12/19/12 - 12:05pm

What is the advantage/disadvantage of the Paul hubshell with I9 freehub versus just going with an I9 hub?

I don’t use either and wonder if anyone has a good objective comparison.

Keifer - 12/19/12 - 12:31pm

Different bearing preload device, weight, a 36-hole option, and Paul’s classic look are three differences I can spot immediately. The non-drive side bearing might be different too -not sure.

Podi-ummmmz - 12/19/12 - 1:12pm

The freehub body, freehub bearings and ratchet mechanism are i9. The rest is bulletproof and made/specd by Paul. Also, on the i9 website, they don’t sell a 130 rear hub along with other distinct features the Paul’s have as mentioned above. So, thats a pretty big deal.

AMachinist. - 12/19/12 - 1:17pm

The Pauls say ‘Paul’ on them.

professorVelo - 12/19/12 - 2:51pm

gee… just in time for 11-speed

Chipollini - 12/20/12 - 12:53am

Chico baby! Good beer, good bike parts, good times! I don’t have a fat bike, yet, but I’d get a set of those hubs for my chudly wheels when the time comes.

TimmS - 12/20/12 - 5:17am

So is suppose that the new Industry Nine body for XX1 will also fitt those hubs, that is what I call interesting!

Dan - 12/20/12 - 4:53pm


bin judgin - 12/21/12 - 2:00pm

good catch TimmS

I have no interest in 120 point engagement on the road.

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