Bike Check: Jim “HackSaw” Severt’s Prototype Corsair Hardtail + STAATS BMX Race Bike

Jim “Hacksaw”, aka Mr. Corsair Bikes, is both large in stature and personality. The man can drop more anecdotes about the industry in 5 minutes than you could learn from a years worth of lurking the MTBR forums.

We caught up with the 6’3 ripper as he was sculpting the ladies jump jam course at the 2012 SF Bike Expo. Between packing in lips and airing them out, he let us take a quick peek at his prototype Corsair hardtail – the Toro.

The frame is made of 7000 series aluminum. Currently, production bikes might be manufactured in Taiwan, but Corsair is looking into the possibility of American construction.

This prototype has cable guides mounted on the headtube but this feature may not make into production models. The guide may keep your cables tidy but it might not be worth the occasional sore knee.

Integrated seat clamp.

Sliding rear dropout. Run the frame either as a single speed or with gears. The little alien on the dropouts is featured on all mountain bike frames.

The frame will come with two dropouts for either 135×10 r 135×12.

The frame will be available in three colors in a one size fits all 22″ top tube. Frame weight will be roughly 5 lbs with an MSRP of $700.


Staats BMX bikes are manufactured in the United States and are widely regarded as some of the nicest racing rigs available.

Velcro strips for racing plates.




Betty Beige - 12/16/12 - 11:05am

That thing is RAD! More BMX Racing Coverage!!!

Charlie Best - 12/16/12 - 12:31pm

Can someone ID those awesome pedals (on BMX) for me?

Rory - 12/16/12 - 4:23pm

The pedals look be very similar to these:

ccolagio - 12/16/12 - 10:56pm

those are atomlab pimp wrx pedals:

Javier - 12/17/12 - 6:24am

What bmx crank´s are those????

Saris - 12/17/12 - 5:09pm

@Javier Those are Atomblab PimpLite BMX cranks

Javier - 12/18/12 - 6:26am


Fed - 12/20/12 - 1:23am

@Charlie: peds look more like rebranded HT AE03s.

Keith Cody - 12/24/12 - 12:41pm

AtomLab Pimp’s, the newer designer, for sure. I think they’re dropped the “WRX” when they redesigned the spindle.

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