Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Atop Coyote Ridge Trail – Fort Collins, CO

bikerumor pic of the day Atop Coyote Ridge Trail, Fort Collins, CO

Photo submitted by Michael Douglas, “Stopping to catch my breath. This view never gets old.”

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Shawn Moore - 12/12/12 - 10:23am

That’s beautiful, Michael.

vhom - 12/12/12 - 10:34am

That’s a kick-ass picture of the day.

Coloradocycling - 12/12/12 - 10:36am

Nice! Agree never gets old. Too bad this time of year it should be snow with fat bike.

Chris Gardner - 12/12/12 - 10:42am

Great shot, Mike!

Michael - 12/12/12 - 11:33am

Thanks for the comments guys! The iPhone makes a great pocket camera and there’s never a shortage of views along the Colorado front range.

Eric Skram - 12/12/12 - 11:45am

That’s beautiful… and also 5 minutes from my house! Glad to see Fort Collins getting some love in the cycling world.

Psi Squared - 12/12/12 - 2:24pm

Spectacular image. Is there a bigger version somewhere?

Topmounter - 12/12/12 - 4:13pm

As we’re wont to say, “Another shitty day in Colorado” :-)

Troy Junge - 12/12/12 - 4:42pm

Thats it..I am quitting my job and going riding. Wonderful pic

MLacey - 12/13/12 - 9:44am

Awesome pic! What trail is that?

pfs - 12/13/12 - 3:15pm

all – this is a very rare photo op in ft collins. California is way way nicer and if you live there you should certainly stay there. The typical weather in ft collins is 10 + feet of snow. even in the summer. 😉

Michael - 12/17/12 - 11:44pm

In second what ‘pts’ said. Fort Collins isn’t for everyone. It’s always cold and the sun never shines. It’s a very bleak and unfriendly place.

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